Anyone here have LASIK?

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  1. mainebrown

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    I'm thinking of getting LASIK to get rid of my contacts and glasses, being free of those two would be amazing.

    Do you recommend it? Any regrets? I heard that night vision can be affected due to halos and starburst, anyone have those issues?

  2. upschuck

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    I haven't seen anyone say they've had Lasik.
  3. upschuck

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    People that I know that have had it, are glad they did. One who had thick glasses still has to wear them, but are a lot thinner lenses.
  4. rod

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    Everyone I know whos had it loves it. Some have experienced some night vision problems but not to the point it has kept them from driving.
  5. bagpipes

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    I've heard the same
  6. I had Lasik and it does screw up my night vision. They take the strongest eye and correct it for reading close up and the weakest eye is corrected for depth in field. As long as it is light out it is fine and after 15 years there is a slight blurring due to aging. Glasses (very thin) are needed to drive at night. I have had no regrets as I needed it for my job in an ambulance where glasses in winter would fog. The procedure is possibly frightening as you may smell a burning smell and you feel like you have gone blind. You will see blurry within 24 hours and it will gradually clear in 3 days. Just check out the Doctors first!
  7. Wally

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    You folks in LA sick?
  8. mike1646

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    I had it done 12 years ago, and no regrets. Night vision is normal, don't need to wear glasses and as soon as my vision deteriorates I'll do it again.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You make an excellent. The surgery is not always one and done.
  10. mike1646

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    Everybody is different, all surgeries are not the same and all doctors are not the same. Don't look for the cheapest but look for the best.
    I had an excellent doctor and my vision was 20/15 three days after surgery.
  11. Best investment I've made, no issues.
  12. Cementups

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    Had my LASIK surgery done 15 years ago almost to the day. Had some haloing at first but don't notice that like I did back then. My night vision is certainly not as good as it was pre-surgery but my night vision before was ridiculous compared to most people.
    Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.
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    Good to know! Thanks
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    DO NOT choose your surgeon based solely on a coupon in the Yellow Pages.
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    ayyy. Nice avatar! Real nice avatar. Makes me wanna write bad checks for girl scout cookies.
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    I used the diad scanner. A few zaps and presto, clearer vision!
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  17. I had Lasik done about 7 years ago. When I had it performed, the doctor did disclose that there are people who sometimes have to come in after a few years for a "touch up" or second treatment. This was not my case as my eyes are still going strong. No night vision problems at all. For me it was the best decision I ever made.

    I had a friend who tried to cut corners and save money by traveling to India to have it done but he regretted it afterwards because he complained of dry eyes and night vision problems. Just pick a doctor with experience, a good reputation, with top of the line equipment and you should be fine.
  18. cheryl

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    I had been extremely nearsighted since 1st grade. I had lasik in early 2000's. After wearing contacts and glasses since 1st grade it seemed like a miracle to be able to see without them. I now need reading glasses so I'm thinking of going in for a "touch up" for my close up vision. @tonyexpress had lasik too.

    Our daughter is nearsighted and if she asked me if she should do it, I'd say do it. Your mileage may vary.

    Use common sense if you decide to do it. Seek out a surgeon with a great reputation and a lot of experience. Don't go for the lowest price.
  19. tonyexpress

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    Good advice! I had exactly the same results 20/15. My close-up vision needs reading glasses but that would've happened either way.

    Based on our experience it was like Cheryl says...... A miracle, especially for her cause she was blind without glasses.
  20. Cementups

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    Last time I was at the eye doctor he told me that I had one eye that was now far sighted and one near sighted. He said I could certainly do an enhancement to my LASIK. But he said my other choice was that as me and all my friends get older they will need reading glasses. But he said that my eyes would basically switch places and the near sighted one would become far sighted and vice versa and my best bet was to leave them be. I said, hey man as long as I can pass a DOT physical, that's all I care about.