Anyone Hurt on the Job and Wasnt Able to Return to Work?

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    I am a full time clerk/driver and have been with UPS for over 17 years. In April 2007, I tore my right rotator cuff and underwent surgery in August 2007. Since then, I have had 3 additional surgeries on it (so a total of 4). The original surgery fixed the tear but I had lost most of the mobility of my arm so they kept trying to get it mobile again. I have regained somewhat use of it but can no longer lift anything over 30#. My restrictions are pretty severe in that I am only allowed to lift 5# overhead occasionally and push/pull 30#, etc. I am in the middle of UPS deciding if I will qualify for anything under the ADA to try to keep my job or another job within the company. From the feeling that I am getting, I probably wont be able to return to UPS but they havent made that decision yet. In the meantime, they are having me go through vocational rehab to try to find other employment. I am reluctant to take another job (at a much reduced salary) with another company until UPS makes a final decision about my employment but if they find me another job and I dont take it, they can find me "non-compliant" and stop my benefits.

    Has anyone ever been in the same circumstances? If I dont return to UPS, what type of settlement am I looking at? My attorney mentioned something about a wage differential if I cant go back. I dont want to take another job unless I am sure UPS will not take me back and they havent decided one way or another.

    Advice anyone?
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Kathy!

    Ouch, rotator cuff is a common injury at UPS. Most of the injured seem to come back with little problem, it's too bad your injury doesn't want to heal right.

    I can't answer your questions, but there are plenty of good people here who will try to help you. I hope you'll keep us updated.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for 17 yrs,sorry we destroyed your body!! Sorry we can't find you a differant job in a fortune 500 company,but help yourself to a pair of socks on the way out and if you find a new job,send us a lead card!!!! BULLSHIP !!!! THEY SHOULD FIND YOU SOMETHING!!!!!! Tell them maybe business development,take mngmnt job and get into training,saftey,feeder dispatch,fulltime pkg clerk tell them they owe it to you!! good luck!!!