Anyone know DHL?


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I've been tracking two packages all day today. Both are being delivered by DHL - not by choice! I've had a bad experience EVERY time they have been in charge of my deliveries so I try and make sure to stay on top of them when it comes to tracking. Anyway, I received the first package at 11:55 this morning. I heard a "thump" and checked outside my door and there it was. I guess it didn't require a signature and I can't complain about the condition of the package it actually looked perfect.

I started to think it was a little odd that I would get one package and not the other, since the tracking info for both packages said they were with the driver. So I go back to tracking the other (more important) package and it says "with driver" still. So, I keep checking the tracking info every 30 minutes or so. At 2:00, I log on and it says the package was delivered and was signed for at 1:55. Being that it was only a five minute difference in time I started to "freak out". So I call DHL customer service to see what was up. The service rep was looking at the info and insisting the package must have been signed for by a neighbor or something. I'm telling her I've been here all day and that I DID receive the first package - 3 hours earlier. So she starts typing and looking into everything and says, "Oh, wait- NOW it says that attempted delivery was made at 2:07 and there was no answer from the customer." She then says, "Were you there at 2:07?". I look at my clock and I say, "Uh, it's 2:08 right now and we've been on the phone for the last five minutes!" I said," Did you hear my bell ring?'

My assumption is - The driver's truck was maybe loaded wrong and when he delivered the first package, he forgot the second, or couldn't find it? Did he possibly get to the end of his route and see the package he forgot and just enter it in as - attempted? Is it possible that DHL has two different drivers covering my house and one decided to deliver and the other didn't?

I'm not a driver so if any of you who are could let me know if I am assuming correctly. I am currently trying to get them to return today but so far they won't. They actually hung up on me when I told them to get a supervisor in his car and over to my house with the package.

Ordinarily I wouldn't be so upset with this kind of thing, but like I stated earlier, This happens EVERY time with them!


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Your user name spells out your luck with DHL. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and they are definitely the cheapest for a reason.


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Your user name spells out your luck with DHL. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and they are definitely the cheapest for a reason.
Amen to that Upstate!!!!!!!
We had a simular experience lat fall. My mother inlaws water heater went out and had to order a part form Lowes and they only use DHL. Well they waited all day for the part and never received it, so my wife called DHL and they said that know one was home at such n such time. Well my mother inlaw doesn't drive and her husband was recovering from a stroke, plus they made sure they were home since they need hot water. When my wife starts complaining they change their story to "They couldn't locate the house" NOw, they live less then 2 miles from the hub and that house has been there for 50 years. So I drive the 1/2 hour to pick up the part at their hub in my browns and file a complaint, which was probably filed in the round can under his desk.

Speaking of DHL! Weren't they suppose to make some kind of an announcement regarding their future?