Anyone laid off from UPS SCS?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by lazy bones, May 18, 2007.

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    I'm just wondering how many out there have been laid off by UPS SCS in the last 6 months?

    I just want to know what to expect now that my job is being handed over to an agent soon.

    Any serious info would be appreciated.
  2. UPS is fast becoming a footnote in the history of corporate America. Run for your life while you can.
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    Why is everyone on this thread Anonymous?
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    Lack of testicular fortitude.
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    IT guys wondering if the site is really run by Cheryl
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    I am thinking the first three posts are from people worried about their jobs, thats why they are anonymous.
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    Worried about getting fired maybe?

    SCS and UPS Freight are the two fastest growing divisions of the company. I would have to review the 2nd Quarter Release, so don't quote me, but I think SCS came out with the most growth this past quarter.

    So I don't think they are SCS Employees, likely trolls.
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    What's a troll?
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    Quoted from Wikipedia. (The bold and underline near the end are mine.)

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    "Do not feed the trolls" and its abbreviation DNFTT redirects here. For the Wikipedia essay, see "What is a troll?". For other uses see Troll (disambiguation).
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    I just got layed off after many years of service. Same, for several of my coworkers. With the loss of 401K matching, crappy insurance with little or no benefits to my family, no overtime after 8 hours, forced to take days off without pay whenever there is a paid holiday, the forcing of Anti-union propaganda on us while making us write pro union letters to our state senators and calling it grass roots legislation so they can cripple FedEx, retaliation against anyone who speaks on a union for SCS, out sourcing to agent sites so they dont have to contend with employees. Its not a bad thing that they have forced me to better my life and leave a very shadt company that only care about lining the pockets of its CEO's. 10 years I have wasted being reviewed at the highest level possible for my performance in all areas. UPS learned allot the first time around with dealing with the teamsters on how to keep the union out. The programs like EOS, EDR,safety commotees and on and on are pecncil whipped and put there as an illusion to make us think they care. They dont care and never will. They have told us our customers will leave us if we ever organized against us and encourage us to snitch on those who do by instituting a very strict no solicitation policy that prevents you from discussing unions. I now work for $22,000 dollars a year with horrible benefits and a unhappy work place. We get no respect and no incentive to work hard. Poor performing employees are rewarded the same as hard working employees. Needless to say, my heart goes out to all my fellow hard working friends stuck and being taken advantage of by UPS.
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    I thought SCS was unionized? SCS is in the union contract.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The SCS (Supply Chain Solutions) here is non-union.
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    only the shadow knows
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    SCSNEEDSAUNION...I can see your frustration.They are cutting back everywhere.No more service awards,
    no turkeys,excessive idling etc.Maybe you are better off at a different company.The evidence of that pocket
    lining is easy to see,and many here agree that that greed could be the downfall of a very successful organization.