Anyone returned to package driver after major back injury/surgery?

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  1. Hi. I'm a newbie here so please bear with me but my question is has anyone here come back to work as a package driver after a major back injury or even a back surgery? I have recently been told by my workers comp Dr. that I have some major back injuries that will probably require surgery down the road but as of right now I have a chance to return to my job as a package car driver. So I would like to know from anyone who has returned as a driver how their experience was/is and if they regret their decision to return?
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    What are your options?
  3. My options as far as UPS is concerned is to come back as a package driver with no restrictions or don't come back at all. My workers comp Dr. says that his opinion is that I find another job but he says that he will allow me to return to full duty if I feel like I can manage the pain from my injuries.
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    How much time do you have in?
  5. 14 years 10 full-time
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    Do you feel as though you can work another 15-20 years, or more, to earn a full pension?

    As for advice---use the methods, especially the 5 keys to lifting and lowering.

    I wish you the best. Dave.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I don't know if I can make it that long or not but sure would be nice to hear from someone who has or has tried to work that long with similar conditions.
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    I knew several drivers who returned after back surgery but none of them lasted many more years.
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    We had a driver who was out for over 4 years who ended up having 2 major back operations. He came back and worked his final 3 or 4 years with no problem. His route was one of the long distance ones (300+ miles a day) so it didn't involve much physical work but sometimes sitting for long periods of time is even worse yet. My only suggestion would be don't continue to aggravate it--have your surgery now. Good luck.
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    All of the drivers I know that had back surgery, never returned to work, and are worse off than before the surgery. I would say, use surgery as an absolute last resort. Try the epidural injections, those have worked for the people I know that have tried them. While they do not last forever, you can always go back and get another round. Everyone is different. Some people get more than a year of relief from the injections, while other get 6 months.
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    I can sympathize. I've been here almost 16 years (10 full time) and just went out with 5 bulging discs in my lower back with l-5/s1 having a herniation along with a tear. I'm seeing the ortho in a few days and i'm curious as to what he says. I get a little worried about my future at the company with the workload that is ever increasing. I have a family to support and never really thought of not working here. I know that some people bounce back...and others don't. I kind of feel that 15 more years of this and I'll be collecting a pension check while not being able to walk!! Scary thought! Be safe and good luck!