Anyone returned to package driver after major back injury/surgery?

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  1. Hi. I'm a newbie here so please bear with me but my question is has anyone here come back to work as a package driver after a major back injury or even a back surgery? I have recently been told by my workers comp Dr. that I have some major back injuries that will probably require surgery down the road but as of right now I have a chance to return to my job as a package car driver. So I would like to know from anyone who has returned as a driver how their experience was/is and if they regret their decision to return?
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    What are your options?
  3. My options as far as UPS is concerned is to come back as a package driver with no restrictions or don't come back at all. My workers comp Dr. says that his opinion is that I find another job but he says that he will allow me to return to full duty if I feel like I can manage the pain from my injuries.
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    How much time do you have in?
  5. 14 years 10 full-time
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    Do you feel as though you can work another 15-20 years, or more, to earn a full pension?

    As for advice---use the methods, especially the 5 keys to lifting and lowering.

    I wish you the best. Dave.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I don't know if I can make it that long or not but sure would be nice to hear from someone who has or has tried to work that long with similar conditions.
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    I knew several drivers who returned after back surgery but none of them lasted many more years.
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    We had a driver who was out for over 4 years who ended up having 2 major back operations. He came back and worked his final 3 or 4 years with no problem. His route was one of the long distance ones (300+ miles a day) so it didn't involve much physical work but sometimes sitting for long periods of time is even worse yet. My only suggestion would be don't continue to aggravate it--have your surgery now. Good luck.
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    All of the drivers I know that had back surgery, never returned to work, and are worse off than before the surgery. I would say, use surgery as an absolute last resort. Try the epidural injections, those have worked for the people I know that have tried them. While they do not last forever, you can always go back and get another round. Everyone is different. Some people get more than a year of relief from the injections, while other get 6 months.
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    I can sympathize. I've been here almost 16 years (10 full time) and just went out with 5 bulging discs in my lower back with l-5/s1 having a herniation along with a tear. I'm seeing the ortho in a few days and i'm curious as to what he says. I get a little worried about my future at the company with the workload that is ever increasing. I have a family to support and never really thought of not working here. I know that some people bounce back...and others don't. I kind of feel that 15 more years of this and I'll be collecting a pension check while not being able to walk!! Scary thought! Be safe and good luck!
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    I would use the surgery as a last resort. They are always making advancements in medicine and could possibly have better options when and if you actually had to have surgery. I have been with UPS for 28 years, will be 29 in August. Eleven years p/t and 17 as a driver. I had a serious back surgery in 2002. They fused the L-4 and L-5 vertebrate. I was attacked by 2 dogs and knocked down flight of about 5 steps with the dog on top of me, that's how my injury occurred. The Doctor said that the nerve was completely shut off from blood flow and if I didn't have the surgery I would be facing possible paralysis in the leg, so I really had no choice in my view! Anyway I have trouble still to this day but I am grateful that I am still able to perform my job, there is nothing as valuable as your job, besides your health. God has blessed me over the years and I pray that he will you also!! My prayers are with you and best of wishes to you and your decision!! I hope this is of some use to you!!
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    I had a friend who used to say for all the good those shots did him they may as well stuck him in the ass.
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  14. I herniated a disk on an over 70lb package bout 15 years ago at age of about 40. It was the most pain I ever had and first time on workers comp after 15 years. Had 6 months of therapy and went back. I retired 5 months ago and am on my property in the country preparing to move here. I had a large concrete pad poured couple days ago. I spent 4 hours shoveling and leveling dirt with wheelbarrow yesterday after forms removed. I'm typing this as I struggle to get comfy in a recliner with back pain . Always a reminder of ups. Gets better after a few days everytime I use back. Washing cars, yard work etc
  15. There is one driver I know that going through the same process as you.

    I'm trying to come back now after 5 surgeries to my left leg from an injury. It is a pain in the ass to try to get back. The boss man is fighting me every step and my leg is still kinda screwy.

    All I can say is avoid surgery if possible, slow way down and follow the methods because you will be watched like a hawk for now on.
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    Where is your friend located?
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    Ruptured a disk in my back moving a dolly 10 years ago. Managed to get through that without anything but stretching, exercise and a good chiropractor. I'm a feeder driver so I don't have the daily grind of package. Though I have been very active. CrossFit etc.

    You might want to look at feeders as an option. Much easier on the body.

    Fast forward 10 years to today. Ruptured same disc and impinged the s-1 nerve to my left leg. Been off work for three weeks. Tried a spinal epidural. No luck. Some pain relief but still couldn't walk or stand for more than about 3 minutes. Had microdisectomy 2 days ago. In and out of hospital in 5 hours. Walking and feeling great. Hope to return to work in 5-6 weeks and finish my career. Best of luck.
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    Is becoming a Porter a viable option ?
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    There is a lot to this question. What I will say to you; is be careful. You could easily end up out of UPS being retrained to do another job. Very slippery area you're entering, if your back is looking bad. Once this bag of worms gets opened, things "can" get dicey. I think there is a line where it is cheaper for UPS to get rid of you early on and pay for your retraining in another job, then to keep you on and pay for surgery, settlements and what not. In a nutshell, cut their losses.
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    LAWYER, GET A LAWYER. the Insurance company employees all graduated from SCREW U.