Anyone work in Tampa, Fl? Possible help?

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    I'm very interested in working for UPS here Tampa. Two of my friends and I applied, went to the orientation for seasonal work and pre-loaders, and filled out our applications there. We're waiting for call backs.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the phone # for HR here in Tampa, or might be willing put a reference in for us. We're hard working guys who are interested in long term careers, (even though we know we don't have great odds staying on right away, we're interested in keeping at it, however long it takes).

    We're thinking about calling the union hall and seeing if they know someone who can get us references. Any suggestions?

    If anyone is willing to help us out, shoot me a PM! Thanks again.
  2. superballs63

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    Be patient, peak is upon us and they will call you sooner or later.

    Now, for arguments sake, what reference would you like strangers on a website to give someone they don't know ANYTHING about? Also, most of us got hired, payed our dues and worked our way up, wondering why you expect someone to help put your foot in the door?
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    Thanks for the advice friend.

    Definitely wouldn't expect a reference from total strangers per say. I'm definitely committed to "paying my dues" and doing things the hard way. I don't expect to get kept on after peak even though I plan on working 110% if I got hired. I'm going to keep coming back. It's tough in this economy to get anything without references anywhere though, and I don't have many family or network connections in this town, so I'm doing everything I can to try and at least get a shot to prove myself. Especially since at our "interviews," they didn't really even ask us anything about ourselves or give us a chance to distinguish ourselves.

    I guess I'd also say that I'm a bit of an activist, and want to also be a part of something where I can contribute to the betterment of working people, and feel that being a union member and helping my brothers and sisters is a way that makes work worth something more than just money.
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    Ah, to be young and naive.....if and when you get hired you will be a will come in, do your job and go home....any thoughts about being some sort of Norma Rae are best kept to yourself...this job is all about money and staying under the radar.
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    Oh, Baloney. Every person is different. Thank God, we are not all like Upstate.

    Thank you, God.
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    Haha, I hear you upstate, I don't have any plans on being some kind of Norma Rae. I'm just interested in a job where I can do my part for the next person on the line. I was mainly just trying to get HR's # here and get some advice for a young aspiring UPSer, maybe meet some folks in the Tampa area.

    Trade a few beers for a good word or something.
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    Don't care them, they will call you.