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    Just curious how you do your apartment stops. I was called into the office because telematics showed me turning my truck on and off without doing any deliveries, but it was because I was doing my apartments, and if they werent home, I would prerecord and have office sign when I was done with the entire complex which would be about 10 stops that were not in.
    Since then, I have been doing NI1, to get the stop recorded, then when I go to the office, I do each stop as duplicate resi, so I am not padding stops. Is this right? If I asked management, I am sure I would get a different answer from each person I asked.
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    I do the exact same thing you do: pre-recording stops for the office to sign. I can't begin to imagine why you were called into the office for that. That is just petty on the part of your management team.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you are driving to different parts of the apartment complex and not completing the stop(s) it will show you as recording in travel. This is why you were called in to the office. You need to complete each stop and then bring any send agains for the complex to the office and resheet as dup res.
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    I've got a better idea...NI1 and see ya tomorrow. That's what delivery notices are for ..........
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You do realize that the "S" stands for Service, don't you?
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    A stop that has been pre-recorded isn't recording in travel.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    OK--then why was he called in to the office?
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    No you should be doing it the way you where doing at at first go to apartment knock scan info notice mark as left at prerecord, than when you done in the complex deliver to the other to the office. Your SUP is a idiot. Your doing twice the amount of work that you should b doing.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I still contend that if you drive to a stop, do not complete the stop (prerecord) and then drive to the next stop Telematics will show you as recording in travel.
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    Sorry Dave your wrong. You have to stop complete either deliver or PU in while the car is on "for recording while idling" or in motion for "recording while driving". You can do everything else in the DIAD while the car is on or in motion and it will not show up.

    He got called to the office because his SUP is an IDIOT "I was called into the office because telematics showed me turning my truck on and off without doing any deliveries"
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is not true. I showed as recording in travel. I was stopped at a traffic light, put the car in to park, put the parking brake on and shut off the car. I then closed out a pickup stop. The Telematics report showed me as completing the pickup stop while in travel. The map gave the exact location when I closed out the stop and, yes, it was spot on.

    Is prerecording a stop the same as completing a delivery?
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    hahah right.
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    NO. When you prerecording your not sending anything out of the DIAD. The Diad doesn't interact with the car directly the only reason the computer back where ever knows that your in a certain car is because you put the car number in the DIAD once you do that then the car and the DIAD are synchronized in a computer in a building somewhere. If you made a mistake entering the car number lets say by 1 number on a certain day nothing would show up the the report the next day.

    Is your car a diesel ??? If so if the turbo is still turn for a couple of seconds after you turn the car off and the car is still considered on during this time as the turbo is supply power. Even with the newer gas model this can be a problem.

    It's called trial and error to find out what you can do and what you can't do with the telematics. Instead of being paranoid all the time. It like knowing the contract of just doing what ever you SUP tells you because you don't know your rights.
  14. Ghost in the Darkness

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    How would I know why they had him in the office. Maybe they didn't like him driving from here to there with nothing to show for it in his diad. I understand what he was doing but logic doesn't always fly at UPS. Sometimes you have to go through the motions to satisfy those who think sitting behind a desk is the same as sitting behind a steering wheel. Or maybe the sup had nothing to do.

    As for pre-recorded stops, they are not recording in travel because they are not an open stop. Only when a stop is open can it be recording in travel.
  15. Ghost in the Darkness

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    I pre-record and take to office. always have, always will...30 years..My soups don't have a problem with this in my area..Some of soups were drivers and know better to to play telamatics as KNOW ALL..That said, they do fail in many other areas..It's interesting that we are having this conversation which seems pointless on mgts. part...
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    nyer why dont you find out im sure you know someone
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    Having a stop in prerecord does not give a recording while travel. They just called me in to ask me why I was not completing stops when turning off my truck. Not disciplined, they were just wondering why
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    No thanks on that suggestion. If I had to go to the 3rd floor today, I dont want to guarantee myself a trip to the 3rd floor tomorrow. I would rather take it to the GROUND level office today and forget about it.
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    If they told me that I must be completing stops the attempt at the office would certainly not be dup it would be a second attempt.