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    Just a few questions from you lifers out there that have been with the company a lot longer than me. My fiance and I both work for the company but I am fairly new ( also concerned ). Today my fiance went to the clinic and was diagnosed with an appendicitis. He is in the ER right now and has already called his full time sup to inform him that he wont be there tomorrow.... But what about afterword? Has anyone ever gone through this surgery? How long does it normally take to recover or how long did it take you to recover. Also what should my fiance expect in the way of medical leave/disability? We are both part-timers with full benefits.

    I know he wont be able to go back on Monday ( no way! ) He pre-loads and deals with a lot of bulk so I highly doubt the doc will OK him doing anything that will rip stitches.

    I'm just looking for what to expect in the way of dealing with medical leave, healing time, your experiences.

    I'm just being an overly concerned partner! Seems silly I'm sure haha...

    Thanks for any replies.
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    His doctor is best equipped to answer the question!!
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    My daughter went through this a few months ago. She was out of work for a week.

  4. I'm full-time but no matter......My surgery was done arthroscopically(belly-button)(two small holes). Day surgery with about 8 hours recovery(post-op). I went back to no restrictions pkg delivery in two full weeks. I was out 2 weeks pay. The total bill for my surgery was $0. It was a little shaky for the first day but I was in good enough shape that besides being a little tired and big deal. I would imagine your experience will be similar. When I was diagnosed, I was in surgery 2 hours later. I just called my manager and said I'll call you in a few weeks. Nothing they could do. Now if they have to lay you open.....I've been told 8 least. Good luck.
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    If you had supplemental health insurance you would not have gone 2 weeks without pay.

  6. To falsify documents....that is the question....
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    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather. retire when eligible or work until I drop so my precious little girl doesn't have to pay for her own education...that is the real question...