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  1. Goldilocks

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    We were told to make this a priority and that we better make service on every apple shipment. If not, a warining letter would be issued. Apple is threatning to pull and go with UPS....My question is, how can we, when our planes are always late and causes our sort to go down late? Good gosh, if there is dew on the ground in Memphis, you can count on the planes arriving late.....
  2. Rhoderunner

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    We were told same thing Tue AM. If you're gonna take lates make sure none are Apple shipments. We were told they already shifted some volume over to UPS and we were in danger of losing the rest.
  3. Mr. 7

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    You should put that in the "pilots" thread.

    That's OK,
    Seems to me like we must have won over some of the Amazon acct. b'c we're getting hammered with Amazon every day.
  4. MrFedEx

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    As always, put the responsibility on the courier. What happens when you have to break route to deliver an Apple pkg so it won't be late? Maybe this should go into the CIW File in the other thread. My guess is that Apple is displeased with the crappy service they received over peak, and now FedEx is buttering them up with promises of superior service.
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  5. overflowed

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    Same over here too. Getting pounded with amazon.
  6. DS

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    Up here (Canada),we at UPS have the Apple account,and a good deal of Amazon as well.
    They also stress the importance of living up to Apple standards.
    We have ADL here,(alternate delivery location)
    Which is a fancy name for one attempt and go pick it up at the UPS store.
    We are not allowed to ADL Apple stuff.
  7. El Morado Diablo

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    We started hearing this during Peak. It makes me think the company made service promises to Apple that it is having a hard time meeting. Our SM made up a lame excuse about it being "returns" that Apple's customers needed in a hurry. That's funny; most of the time I deliver an Apple box it's the only time I've ever had one for that address...
  8. Brown287

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    I look in my truck sometimes and wonder if I'm a amazon employee some how due to all the amazon I deliver. We are beyond hammered right now at UPS and LOTS are amazon. Just goes to show you that literally none of us are capable of handling all of the amazon account. The post office delivers tons of amazon as well and all those regional carriers. Crazy! Apple is a headache, getting a signature for an iPhone case makes no sense to me but apparently apple believes all of their packages are super important regardless of value.

    XFILED Member

    The Ontrac guy in my area told me he does like 100 to 120 stops a day and I swear they are all Amazon except a handful...I get killed with Amazon as well especially Wednesday,Thursday,Friday...The UPS guy gets slammed as well with Amazon...

    This past year we have been getting some Shipper Releasable Apple....Thank god they started doing that since its probably just a case...
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  10. CJinx

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    Apple is a royal pain in the ass sometimes. They require that we go through them before altering any addresses and argue at every turn.

    "Why can't you deliver it to the address on the label?"
    "Because that town doesn't exist."
    "Well, that's what the customer provided us with."
    "I've spoken to the consignee and confirmed the correct address, I just need your authorization to do so."
    "I'm sorry, I can't do that. Either deliver it to the address on the label or return it to Apple."
    "Ok, may I please speak to your supervisor?"
  11. Cactus

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    A senior manager lying? How schocking!
    Instead of putting the responsibility at the courier level, maybe Fred oughta' do his part by wining and dining the CEO of Apple like he does with all his political buds. But in reality, FedEx will lose the account enventually with all their crappy late freight service were known for these days. A courier having one or two late Apples is nothing compared to a CTV late of an hour or more.


    Apple's packages are a hot item at our station too. Dispatch sends "friendly remainders" throught the day to delivery these on-time. We are getting hammered with Apple's shipments and it doesn't seems it would slow down anytime soon.
  13. whenIgetthere

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    We got this BS on apple yesterday, when SM asked for questions, I mentioned that the more routes you cut, the more Apples will be late. Loved the look on SM's face, like a dagger through my heart! These bozo's send routes out knowing there will be lates, so the problem is above the courier level.
  14. TUT

    TUT Well-Known Member

    The Express promise is stamped on every package. From the outside these type of ultimatums are a losing battle. If you are on watch, it's just a matter of time, because items will be late. Apple not happy when they aren't treated like a princess. I'm sure they have rates that are there to cover large chunks of overhead only, no paper profits.
  15. TUT

    TUT Well-Known Member

    Very true and you know these big boys are getting crazy discounts. I mentioned that right after Christmas I orders an equalizer off of Amazon, it came next day air from UPS for $4 measly dollars. Perhaps as these behemoths grow and the discounts given, shipping will all end up like the USPS, bankrupt.
  16. STFXG

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    It's sad that you guys can't treat every customer the way you are trying to treat apple. Every customer should be given the service they pay for.
  17. jmeti000

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    You know, I would LOVE to give every customer the service they paid for and then some...In fact I try to do better than what they paid for by delivering SO packages early on the days that I finish my P1 cycle early. But interestingly enough management has said that even if we finish our p1 cycle early we are not to deliver any SO packages before 1030, and are instead expected to take a 28/29 or go on a break. If we are found to have delivered any SO's, we will be given OLCC's and maybe even warning letters if it keeps occuring. So, even if you want to go above and beyond for your customers (which most companies would applaud), your instead punished.
  18. SmithBarney

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    Apple is just exercising their right as our customer to get the best service for the best price.
    Just like Amazon, They use all methods to ship, basically whatever fits their needs the best.

    Management periodically(flavor of the week) will do this, they want to see what kind of adjustments to routes they can make if they are delivering pure PO,SO cycles
    It means if you normally finish PO 30 minutes before commit, maybe they could add 30minutes more PO area to you. Or add 30min and make it a PT PO route, and have someone else come in later PT and finish P2 and do pups. aggg

    Unfortunately This doesn't always work for all routes.. I couldn't possibly do what I did yesterday by running pure service
    Someone will correct me(I always forget the times) but anyway, I had an AM, A5?, and PM area. so essentially 6(5) commit times.
    PO 1030 1200 1630, SO 1500 1530 1630 and about 100 stops total. :D
  19. jmeti000

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    Hey wait a min...I swear I remember reading somewhere that they cant just issue you a warning letter for 1 incident unless its a gross violation of something (ie safety), that it must be documented as a reoccuring event by an olcc trail, hence the 3 olcc= warning letter. Since im not at work and cant look it up, does anyone know if im correct? Or is my mind just imagining things and im off my rocker?
  20. whenIgetthere

    whenIgetthere Well-Known Member

    I find it funny that after hearing this news about the apple account Tuesday morning, we had late freight Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today. Again, maybe they should be looking for the problem elsewhere!