Application changed from package handler to air handler?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Synnfusion, Apr 23, 2013.

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    I went in for an interview today for the air hub in Louisville. I applied for a part time package handler position but tonight I noticed that my application has changed from 'active' to 'on file' and it now says air handler under position instead of package handler. I really don't know what an air handler is (I've browsed the forums, something to do with loading and unloading planes maybe? nothing is particularly explicit). Can anyone explain to me what might be going on here?
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    Louisville air hub is mostly air handler stuff. I don't pay much attention to the air side of the contract except as far as the air driver pay goes. I know they have some differences from the pt ground side. The "on file" change is pretty common and it means what it says. You're in line to get a job. Keep pestering the HR so they know you mean it.
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    That building is massive! Its where most of the air ( most of it, out of building of course ) gets sent for sorting, recanning and flown off to its final destinations. They host a work force well over 20,000. Im sure they are hiring all the time, no matter time of year. I couldnt imagen the size of that senority list, good luck even getting into a driving school situation.

    Theres a lot of jobs there. Sort, cans, recan, ereg driver, unloading cans from planes / loading them, semi drivers and so on and so on. So the choices of advancement are not too slim. Im sure loading / unloading cans from planes would be one of those higher seniority PT list jobs, because its cake.