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Hi i just recently applied for ups on friday they called me in for a interview, told me to come in for a second interview the next day to run my background which is perfect. Now today is Tuesday and i have not heard a word back ? Can someone help me get in contact with a hiring manager or something so that i could check the status of my application ?


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Do you guys know any contact information of a hiring manager or something ? I live in detroit and applied at the cicotte location if that helps

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The website and your cellphone (keep it on and loud at all times) , basically.

And, as always. I garuntee anybody who wants to work right away if they just pop in the guard shack and say you want a second interview some hr kid will put you on the payroll literally the day of.


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Stuff hits the fan at the end of next week, just about all seasonal employees will be working then. You will be called by HR as soon as they are ready for you. They hire more than needed due to turnover, I'm already seeing seasonal hires quit.


Sooner or later, you'll have to take a stand.

I was wondering how it went. I had an interview on 12/6. Similar circumstances. Did you get the call to start working?

Odds are good "Niya" lasted about two weeks.
That's the average, anymore.

Trust me. If you want the job, they'll end up getting in touch.
But be careful what you wish for. You just might get the job. :devil3:


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Thanks. I worked for UPS seasonal a long time ago. I know its gonna be tough and demanding. I pursued another career back then but liked my UPS experience. Now, Im running a business and need some extra money. Im hopeful I can get through seasonal and go permanent. I have a child with a chronic illness, so the insurance benefit after a year will be wonderful...if they hire re-hire me. Fingers crossed