Applied for Preloader/Sunrise Shift (4am-9am)

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    UPS posted a job for package handlers for that shift.
    I have an informal interview, basically a tour, scheduled for monday at 7:30am.

    Anyone care to give drop some info?
    Chances of getting the job if I go in for the tour? I heard that the majority of people get hired...

    Heard it's a hard/physical job. I don't really think packing/unloading trucks would be that bad, but the only thing I dislike so far is that the shift starts at 4am. I've unpacked trucks and etc at Wal-Mart,'s not really physically brutal, but more so just boring/repetitive and makes you break a sweat.

    Paid weekly
    Rest of day off and weekends off
    Part time (good for me)

    Early shift.
    Have to sleep early just to get decent sleep (can't stay out late)
    Possible burnout. (Job has high turnover rate)
    Physical labor, might stress me out over time. Might be to tired to go to gym, etc.

    About the hours. It says 17-20, but the position is 4am-9am Mon-Friday, which equals 25 will this work?
    Make me come in an hour later or go home an hour early? Or a day off?

    Also I WANT to work 17-20, but I'm a little nervous this will be a stupid on call position.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Once you make your 30 days you will be guaranteed 3.5 hours per day, 17.5 hours per week. With Peak approaching you will most likely work more hours.

    The position may be seasonal---you need to ask about this at your tour/interview.

    The job is repetitive by nature. The level of stress depends upon the individual.

    Good luck.
  3. bumped

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    Plan on starting before 4am from thanksgiving to Dec 23rd. maybe as early as 1:30.
  4. laffter

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    This will not be an on-call position. The 4-9 thing is estimated (end time). Our start time here is 4:20, and we finish up by... anywhere from 8:20 to 9:10, depending on the area you load (if you're loading cars) and how heavy that particular day is.

    If I don't double-shift any day of the week, I usually get about 22 hours.

    As peak season progresses, your start time will be earlier and earlier. The last few weeks last season, we were coming in at 2am, and leaving around 9, daily.

    If you are hired, unless you are in superb physical shape, expect to be sore for the next couple of months.