Applying to FedEx, which position is better?

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    Hi I was browsing the official FedEx website looking at the job opportunities in my area and I noticed they have two positions open. One is for a Handler/Dot position and the other is a Permanent Part Time handler/Non-Dot position. Which position between these two do you think is better overall?

    From reading the descriptions for both positions, they work the same number of hours, and they are paid the same hourly wage.

  2. Washu234

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    100% The DOT job. This is gonna be sweep/shuttle driver. More then likely its for a sweep driver but either way it means you'll go to driving school (which is a fun 2 full days of pay).

    A sweep driver goes out to retrieve freight early from other routes. Its usually a sweet gig as you get a lot of down time waiting for other drivers.

    A shuttle driver takes the freight from the station to the ramp. I'm not sure in your area, sometimes this requires a CDL (if you're carrying Haz) but more then likely you're applying to a station close enough to the airport to have multiple shuttles and thus some trucks without haz (you!).

    Look I have nothing against handlers, they're great people, but do you really want to be stuck in the building all day? Best part of my job is driving and seeing the sights everyday. Its fun to be the FedEx guy.

    Best of luck! A lot of people around here are down on FedEx, but really, its a fun job and the people are amazing.
  3. quest01

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    I applied for the Handler/Dot position and after I applied I received an email. The email states that I have to proceed to the FedEx station near where I live at either 11am or 2pm sharp on a Monday to fill out an application. Now the interesting thing it says is that ONLY the first 30 applicants will be admitted to each session. How many people usually fill out applications for FedEx and how early will people be there? Would an hour early not be early enough or do you see people camp out overnight?

  4. Washu234

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    Are you applying to FedEx Express, Ground or another operating brach? This isn't how it went down when I applied.
  5. quest01

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    I applied at a FedEx Express location.
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    This is a new one. The "first 30 applicants" is probably a little hype placed by FedEx to make the job seem more attractive. They may have a limit of 30 seats at the station though. Show up 30 minutes early and see if there is a crowd. Given the economy (and possibly your local conditions) there may very well be 30 people or there may be 6. Anyone that camps out overnight for a FedEx job needs their head examined. If you are employable and can lift 75 lbs without undue stress, you are a candidate. The old mantra of, "If it has a pulse, can lift 75 lbs and show up to work on time, it's FedEx material", still applies.

    Not trying to be a downer, but they are looking for strong backs that show up to work every day on time which are drug free, and not much else - honest doesn't hurt.
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    Quest, did you apply for the FedEx job after reading an ad in the help wanted section of your local newspaper or did you go directly to the FedEx website? If there was not an ad in your paper than it is unlikely that you will have 30 applicants there on the same day. If there was an than you may very well see a line of people.
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    I applied on the FedEx official website. After applying for the Handler/Dot position I received an email shortly after to proceed to the FedEx Express station to fill out an application (which supposedly according to the email lasts approximately 2 hours) at either 11am or 2pm sharp. Then it says verbatim "ONLY the first 30 applicants will be admitted to each session."
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    Quest what happened with the UPS interview?
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    Congratulations, yours is the first positive post I have read in this FedEx forum.
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    This. If you get a decent crop of customers, you're going to have fun.
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    I'm not sure about the 'first 30 people' thing, but its probably because of the economy.

    Its been a few years now but I remember when I applied for courier it'd be a 4-hour process and IT WAS. You fill out a pretty extensive application which asks your last 10 years of employment and such, then take a series of tests.

    I think there was a written test for everyone (handlers were applying with me) that was a general understanding test with stupid questions like 'if a delivery company picked up a package to be delivered next business day on a Friday what day would it arrive?'

    The Courier part, If I remember right, tacks on a routing test, a direction test, and remembering test and a personality test.

    Routing was basically 'if a Package has an "A" it goes to 3, if a package has a "B" it goes to 2, etc. etc. and then you get 60 seconds and a list of 90 packages with different codes to put where they're going (using the key). Its not as hard as it sounds.

    Direction was a map of a town and had a series of questions asking the most efficient route.

    The remembering test was an audible test that you listened to then responded on paper with the answer recalling the information you heard.

    The personality test was just a bunch of 'what ifs' regarding general life.

    I feel like I need to warn you. You just tipped your toes in the water applying online. It took Fedex 2 MONTHS to call me back and I've heard its taken them longer to call others. When you get an interview you'll know you're almost in.

    I hope all goes well for you and I hope that the process is fast and easy!
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    Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot to be positive about at FedEx these days unless you're part-time and don't need the money.
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    I have worked for Fed Ex Express for 12 years. The DOT job is the better gig, but I just want you to understand this is a HIGH pressure miserable job that will try to encompass your whole life. In this economy I am not foolish enough to say dont take this job, but I would like you to consider your options before you devote many years into a job that is ultimately going to be a huge chunk of your life.
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    You are describing UPS.Fedex does not hire full time pal.
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    I went to fill out an application at the FedEx location stated on the email. They had two sessions available that you can choose from either the 11am or 2pm session, I chose the 11am session. As I said before they only allowed a maximum of 30 people to each session, I showed up about an hour and 10 minutes early and I was already the 13th person. Actually some people showed up as early as 8am to wait for the 11am session.

    If I didn't get there at least 30 minutes early I would have had to wait until the 2pm session because from the person who worked there, there was a line of about 15 people at about a quarter of 11am. One guy who was filling out an application was confused on what to put down for his 10 year residential history because he mentioned that he lived in his car for about a year. I thought that was interesting. It took me approximately 45 minutes to fill out the application and majority of people were finished and out the door in about an hour besides one guy who's English was his second language. I don't think he ever finished the application.

    Oh and one of the employees mentioned which I was wondering for a little while is that you can't work for two shipping companies at the same time due to what she described as being a conflict of interest.
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    Wise words.
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    The reason why I was wondering about this is because I had an interview for UPS about two weeks ago. I also applied for this USPS rural carrier associate position. I hear they only work once every Saturday to cover the full time carriers day off, plus you had to use your own vehicle to deliver the mail. The FedEx employee I talked to said they are looking to fill permanent part time DOT and non DOT handlers in two locations, one at an airport and the other in a building where I filled out an application.

    She also mentioned they are looking to fill 8 or 9 courier positions and I believe she mentioned the hours were Monday-Friday from 3pm-9pm. Most people who filled out the application chose the permanent non DOT position at the airport, I was surprised I thought more people would have chose the DOT position.
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    whats a DOT position ? and whats the differance ?