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  1. ChadBrunn

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    Does anyone here know the rules on shoes? I hear about 50 different things!! Im a 7 year employee and i hear different things all the time and now its a big issue once again with our shoes on preload! I have an upper leather nice sturdy slip resistant Nike shoe. I had Under Armour which were just the same! They gave me hell about the UA and now they are saying the Nike's are unapproved also!! Can someone please help without the smart:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: comments, please? Thanks!
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    Just go get a pair of damn boots. Why do you even care about the brand?
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    Ive tried boots!! Way too uncomfortable and too heavy!! So thats why I dont get any Damn boots anymore! I knew there was going to be one smart ass out there!!
  4. Dillacow

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    Thanks for the help!! Must be managament!!
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    Chad, talk to some of your co-workers and ask what kind of shoes they wear. You can also ask your preload sup for a list of approved shoes. From your description the Nikes sound like they should be OK---why did your sup say that they were not on the approved list?
  7. ChadBrunn

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    He said because the tongue doesn't connect on both sides to the shoe and it doesn't say work on the shoe! Never seen a shoe that says work on em.
  8. 10yearteamster

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    When in doubt, check the inside of the tongue to see if it is a 'Ansi' approved. If it is, they cant say anything about them.
  9. UPSGUY72

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    You have got issues been working at UPS 7 years still don't know the proper foot wear for working the preload or local sort.

    You know that workboots are ok but they are all to heavy for you to wear. Which I find really hard to believe. However if your going to stick with that story you really need to reach down and check to see if you still have a set.
  10. 10yearteamster

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    You dont have to wear boots. I agree with him, boots are uncomfortable, its not that hard to believe.
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    I've got issues cause I get shoes and wear them after they are approved then 6 months later they seem to be unapproved by a different supervisor! So they tell me if I don't get proper shoes then they are going to give me a warning letter which I hear cannot happen!
  12. hurricanegunner

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    Chad, lots of employees in my center wear the Nike type of athletic shoe and nobody says a thing about it. Do other hourlies in your center wear that type of shoe? If so, they cannot single you out for a warning letter. It sounds as though your current sup is just being a prick and has chosen you to receive his wrath. You were there before that sup was, and you'll be there a long time after he is gone.
  13. uber

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    Peak seasons over. Things are slow. Sounds like something management does when they're bored.
  14. cosmo1

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    Sturdy leather uppers in good repair, non-slip soles. Nothing more, nothing less.
  15. CRASH501

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    New Balance now has a GREAT industrial grade non slip walking shoe. (sneaker) they are solid black no logo to stand out and draw attention to you.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    He is not a driver he works the preload he can't wear sneakers unless they are safety shoes. Color doesn't matter they could be bright orange.
  17. ymelord

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    New Balance makes some great work shoes, not just sneakers. Keep all your receipts as you can at least deduct off your taxes shoes not allowed. Let your sup gives you a warning letter, then you will be able to start a paper trail that he is harassing you. Grieve it as, article 37 that he is harassing you with warning letters, and ask him in your hearing to specify exactly what you have to wear. You will be told you can't grieve a warning letter, which is true, but you can grieve that they are harassing you with them, just too find out what he allows.
  18. Cementups

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    It mostly depends on your local management team. I would bet half our drivers are wearing shoes that on paper, would not not be approved. Most are black or brown shoes. Here, as long as you dont stand out, your usually okay. I keep a pair of approved boots in my locker just in case.
  20. dilligaf

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    Cosmo, Crash and Cement all have good answers. Any of these shoes would be acceptable for a driver, they damn sure should be acceptable for preload. Your sup is being a jerk. Personally, I would go talk to my steward if I had a sup that was acting like this. As far as I know, there is NO list that says you have to buy any certain brand of shoe. As long as they meet the requirements that Cosmo posted they are acceptable. As far as boots go, there are some good tactical boots that are lightweight and meet the requirements.