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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by TxRoadDawg, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. TxRoadDawg

    TxRoadDawg Member

    The annual again we made record profits, BUT we can only afford 2 % for you....2767strip.jpg
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  2. Alexcross774

    Alexcross774 Spinning my wheels.

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  3. UPS1907

    UPS1907 Member

    They can give me whatever ‰ they want, I balance it with LESS hours. It's actually nice. The QPR is unattainable, so throw that out. My family obligations come first, if I can't go on road one day or have to leave early.. . oh well. The way I see it, smaller raise, smaller expectations. I can work that.
  4. Lemvil

    Lemvil New Member

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  5. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    work/life balance, its the one thing you are really in control of.
  6. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Your QPR sounds like my so-called "time study". As a management person, would you accept a similar argument from an employee who was overallowed, or unable to reach a similarly unattainable goal?
  7. Bucket of Boltz

    Bucket of Boltz New Member

    Well if you are receiving a 2% merit it is a result of a QPR score at the "Needs Improvement" level or your compa ratio is very high.
  8. UPS1907

    UPS1907 Member

    If all drivers running same route had same results, It would have to be looked at, but if one or two had different results.. well. Nonetheless, the difference overall is drivers get a raise good or bad. Management does not have that luxury (although MANY good supes DON'T get raises and many BAD ones do)
    I can't control the illogical thinking of upper management, I just have to adjust. Fairness, justice and the partnership mentality went out the window in 1999
  9. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    If you get more than 2.5% you padded your QPR! Just saying...

    If you are a long time supervisor than you compa ratio is high.
  10. TxRoadDawg

    TxRoadDawg Member

    2% give or take for experienced sups, the newbies get more so they can play catch up. a 3-4 year sup makes almost as much as on with 8-10 years. Ive seen the same 2% rated .9 and 1.4 on a qpr, the raise is purely center manager's discretion.
  11. TxRoadDawg

    TxRoadDawg Member

    if 3-4 drivers know the route and none can scratch the study is screwed. if a cover driver goes out blind with a map and runs edd and scratches id say that points to the other drivers methods. still does suck its only numbers on a dam spreadsheet now and wall street dividends instead of quality service