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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by derf3733, Sep 6, 2007.

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    They have posted their By-Laws on the website.
  2. RockyRogue

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    Anyone else think this is just more smoke and mirrors? You guys have lost all credibility. -Rocky
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    So let me get this straight, Rocky. In an attempt to further deceive us all, the APWA has published their legal documents by which they are incorporated by the state of Delaware. Smoke and mirrors would imply that they are trying to hide something. This charter provides the blueprints on how the infrastructure of the APWA would operate. What are they hiding by providing this information?
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    Dont you have to be a union to have by-laws? Dont you need members to be a union? Dont you need to win an election to represent the members? Im soory i havent been on in a couple days, has hell frozen over or am i missing something?
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    Ah the old APWA, forming its own rules, for those who would like some comic relief on this situation look up "Petoria" for family guy episodes, i think it is the same thing, except at least petoria had members.
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    How many times do we have to go over this.....

    The apwa is incorporated in the State of Delaware as a "Non-Profit Religious Organization"


    SECTION 1.1 The principal executive office of the Association of Parcel Workers of America (the “Association”) shall be located at
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    There really isn't anything new posted in that. Everything they have said so far is in their "by laws". Maybe once they lose a few more elections they will go away, all it takes is time.
  8. nospinzone

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    And every time you go over this, you misrepresent the truth-- which is the only tool the IBT has left to use. The APWA is registered as a 501(c)(3) corporation. As defined by wikepedia, which I assume is a reliable source even for you, a 501(c)(3) corporation can include various charitable, non-profit, religious, and educational organizations. APWA is a non-profit organization established to educate UPS employees on their legal rights to pursue alternate CBA representation, and if so selected by employees, the APWA will represent them as their CBA.

    Bottom line.... the 501(c)(3) designation means that the APWA will not profit from its business in dealing with UPS and UPS employees. Do I need to go over that again for you? How many dictionaries do I need to use before you understand the concept of the 501(c)(3)???

    Hello?? McFly?? Anyone home??
  9. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    So in other words, because you say it is and educational organization then that is the way it is?? I guess I will never disagree with you.
  10. nospinzone

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    Sorry to waste the bandwidth repeating myself, but for those of you with selective reading......

    APWA is a non-profit organization established to educate UPS employees on their legal rights to pursue alternate CBA representation, and if so selected by employees, the APWA will represent them as their CBA.
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    You can spin this anyway you want but I'd say its obvious they've been straight forward since the begining. Like it or not it looks like there are alot of people who do and want to see change. So for those of you teamster cheerleaders I hope for your sake that you really do have it as good as you think because there are quite a few who don't and are willing to stick their necks out and face those who feel change is the devil in brown. Bottom line you like it the way it is now then you deserve what you get. I for one feel we could all do much better standing up for ourselves than paying someone alot of money and not getting a [email protected]#m thing in return and I'm not even talking about the pension. I'm tired of seeing grievances going years before being heard. I'm tired of having to call my ba personally to find out info on things that we should be hearing first hand ( like contract talks or other big hirdles). Even our shop steward doesn't seem to know alot. All I know is it seems for all the effort I have to put in, I'm not getting anything back. As you can see the ball gets dropped alot around here and the one common factor is playing dumb. I know it wouldn't take much to do better.
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    im back and you are wrong . to inform you the apwa was determined exempt under section 501(c) (5) of the internal revenue code. Dated Oct 25,2005 and
    the effective date on the exemption was 12-09-2004:laugh:
    my dear friend the paper clearly states : enclosure: information for organization exempt under section OTHER THAN 501(c)(3)
    anyone can type in 501 c 5 on their computor and see this information comes up labor orginazation
  13. Dutch Dawg

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    If indeed the APWA is a 501(c)(5) and not a 501(c)(3) as you have stated.
    Would you consider that misrepresenting the truth?
  14. Pollocknbrown

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    Dutch thank you for bringing this to light, i went and did my own research, i went google searching everywhere, then i thought, lets go to their own site. and i find this little nugget.


    even on their site they are listed as exempt because of being a labor organization (501 C 5), not a "non-profit" (501 C 3) organization as you put forth nospin, so please, do not try to lead away people into your cloud of smoke and lies. thank you.

    And before you try to say that C5 and C3 are the same thing, please click this link from the IRS website


    Classifying each exempt tax code. Did a 19-yr old kid just completely destroy you nospin? I think i did.
  15. Pollocknbrown

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    Well atleast McFly has his dignity to be an honorable man and not try to lead away people with lies and misrepresentation of information. How you doin biff, done waxing my truck?
  16. nospinzone

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    I have in error, mislead and misdirected the good people of this webboard with regard to the IRS tax exempt status of the APWA. For this I would like to express my true and heartfelt apology. This is and was my error alone, for as you can read for yourself in the APWA By-laws, they have made it known in writing that the APWA received the 501(c)(5) status from the IRS in Oct of 2005. I feel horrible. Will someone please ding my rep a few times?? Take me down around 400. Pollock, Dutch, local.... I'm sorry. And Pollock,,, I'm just starting on the second coat.

    So..... I concede to your point here. The APWA is in fact a legal labor union and is recognized as such by the IRS and their 501(c)(5) designation. If there is ever anymore confusion about their union status, I will remind myself to simply look at what the IRS says about them.

    Thanks guys!:cool:
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    The IRS also says you have to go by the laws or you pay.