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    They tell it like it is many don't want to hear reality some it even makes angry but when listening to honest hard working men that are as passionate for what they are doing it makes you stop and think. We have long been bullied ,we have had benifits cut by the teamsters, and they let us know we work for them.If UPS made the cuts to us as the teamsters have the teamsters would lead us out on strike . What's the diff here! A union should be for and by its people and work for it's people not the other way around, not take care of some and heck with the others.the part-timers get taken care of only as a deal between the company union and a full-timer in trouble a bargaining tool or a trade off,not representation as it should be, When was the last time you called a high ranking teamster official? did they talk to you these guys starting the APWA will they care they want to see you prosper in your career, We alll agree that that the union problem goes alot further than the pension it goes through greed deceptions flat out lies, and corruption anyone who ever heard of the teamsters knows of the years of corruption they can't even get along between themselves it's time we say STOP
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    Thats great...
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    Send me a newsletter...how goes the battle?
    I`m willing to listen ,why is it that I only hear about these people in here?
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    PM me with an email address and I'll forward you any that I get or give you the email address so you can hear directly from them.

    Please don't tell me you're worried!
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    go to parcelworkers and you can sign up for a contact newsletter you can also find a contact us on the site and ask all the questions you like they will reply
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    I asked these questions during local APWA meeting in May 2005. They said to e-mail them and I would get answers. Fourteen months and still no reply. Can you answer or maybe get them to reply.

    1. What is the balance taking historical contribution rates and average market return? It's no where near $840000.
    2. How are they going to gaurantee 10 percent return? Their answer is that they will transfer funds from one financial company to another if they don'y make a 10 percent return. Also, they are going to handle all pension funds for a 1/2 percent fee. With a limited fixed number of financial companies that can handle this amount of pension funds. How is this possible?
    3. Health insurance was no contributions, $10 co-pays and see any doctor or specialist at any office or hospital with $100 individual /$200 family deductible. Prescriptions for $5 and generic free. I think everyone will laugh at any possible answer of how this would work.
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    you betcha, this little guy says it all...willy.gif

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    Just Lurking, the health and welfare contributions will continue from the company. As for the other, I would e-mail or call them again and ask.
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    I asked at the meeting that they had locally. Both said that they would e-mail answers to me with week. That meeting was the first week of May 2005. Since then I have emailed 3 times with no answer.

    I was skeptical to begin with but no answers in 14 months only reinforces my skepticism. Why don't you have be a believer. Maybe if you will get answers then you can post them here.

    Most likely we will never see an answers beside go website. They will never answer them thus you will neve post them either. Only fueling the skepticism.
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    Just Lurking, this came from Van Skillman, "If you take what the S&P 500 did over the last 30 years there would be more that $84,000.00 in the fund. It is very easy to pay a 10% pension if you invest your money wisely and average what the S&P 500 does which is 13.41% over the 30 years. As a matter of fact, the fund will grow by 3.31% or over $20,000.00 a year even though your are taking $84,000.00 a year out." And just for your information, it is not 1/2% the pension managers are going to charge, it is 1/10th of 1%. If this doesn't answer your questions, you need to go to another meeting.
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    I'm a 3rd generation teamster and my family is a living example of what the teamsters Union does for it's members. Teamster for life baby:thumbup1:
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    We are all glad that you are happy being a ups teamster. I may be wrong, but you are a part of a select few. Even the people that are not for sure about the APWA, admit they are not happy with the way the teamsters are treating US. Remember the APWA is not an I or me group, it is a WE and US group...unlike the teamsters.
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    people need to get in the real world. people that work for the state dont get the benifits the APWA is trying to sell. Heck with uncle sam big pocketbook dont you think state and goverment workers would have a good deal.
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    brain washed ive sat and listened and what a joke. state and goverment workers dont get that kind of benifits
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    Nice of you to bring attention back to all of these APWA posts, goes to show that you think like a true teamster.:ohmy:
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    Who does the APWA represent now??? The APWA probably has good intentions, but have they ever negotiated a big contract?? I get enough campaign promises from the stinkin' politicians -- I don't need more from somewhere else. I'm not all that happy with Hoofa & the IBT but they deal with the 800 lb gorilla every day. UPS would have a heyday with a new union--they would push, push , push ---to try to force a work stoppage & break the new union.
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    THE SNOWBALL IS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER!!!!!!! It's great to see so many post about the APWA. It's obvious too there are many opinions on both sides.

    After reading MANY of the replys on each post, one thing became very obvious to me. Without question you can tell what side you support by the language used in each post. THe name calling, and fingure pointing. Just because you are a TEAMSTER, doesn't mean you have to be a BULLY or THUG. Unfortunately, that is exactly part of the reason the IBT has gotten how it is now. I really do not want to be a part of that. I have paid dues for over 16 years as a TEAMSTER, but I must say, APWA or not, TEAMSTERS will not get another dime from me even if the APWA is not voted in.

    It's very clear that HOFFA is sweating though. Most of you who doubted and still doubt the APWA is for real, are now FIGHTING with words because most of you guys know that's all you have left is WORDS. Something tells me, some of you doubters will be first in line when the teamsters are VOTED out.

    For you doubters ALL IT TAKES IS 50% + 1 vote.
    To get to the vote it only takes 30% to sign cards.

    I encourage all of you THUGS and BULLIES to keep posting, you wouldn't believe how much that helps our cause.
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    That is a GREAT question: It's simple; The only bargaining power we need is the 300,000 UPS employees. That is the only bargaining power that the TEAMSTERS has when negotiating our contract anyways. Ups could care less how many companies the TEAMSTERS have under their belt.

    UPS knows that we have walked in the past and probably will walk again. That is the real BARGAINING POWER. It's not the TEAMSTERS. It really doesn't matter what the name of the Union is. Besides, what power or qualifications does or did HOFFA have when negotiating OUR contract.

    APWA is going to allow only people who have been employeed by UPS and have done our jobs day in and day out to be elected to office or represent us. Wouldn;t you rather have someone who has done your job and our jobs that make BIG BROWN roll everyday, negotiating OUR and YOUR contract.

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    Hoffa will never strike again via agreement with the government so we know whose pockets are packing ?