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    Hello Again:

    Are some of you members of both? I'm not the smartest person out there, but I thought the Teamsters have a contract with UPS not APWA; why would I join a Union that can not address any issues to Upper Management?!

    That being said, I like the idea a lot, and want to hear your guys' input on this. If I hear an overwhelming positive response, I might consider joining. (Are you guaranteed Job Security with APWA?)
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    LOL ... I'm beginning to think you are a management troll.
    Not joining in on this one.
    I couldn't sleep last night because 705red got me so upset. :happy-very:
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    Is APWA still around? I thought they went the way of Titanic....

    Seriously, I don't think they're even operating anymore.
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    OMG. I told you Guys Im a new employee getting to know things! Is it really that hard to believe???
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    HAHHA. That would explain their last newsletter being dated like November 2008. Thanks alot!! Off to eat lunch with the lady! :)
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    I just saw that you're 12. You're too young to get a job OR join a union.

    Come back when you're a little older.
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    LOL. Im not 12. That was a joke, kind of like ' YOU CANT BREAK THESE CUFFS. ARGGGGG'. I dont expect any of you to laugh. :greedy:
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    Its been a long time since we had an APWA thread in here. Once this most recent contract was negotiated they completely dropped off the radar. One would hope it would be for good, but someone is still paying to keep that website up. Perhaps next contract negotiation it will rear its ugly head again. Only time will tell...
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    Or will the mighty APWA be the one who organizes FedEx?
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    Alrighty then. Now I know:) thx again
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    This is Danny Eason's recent email . . .


    We have had some response since our last newsletter but not nearly enough. It sounds like a broken record but if we are to get this done it will take money and your help at whatever specialty that you may have. We would like for you to consider becoming a Founding Charter Member if your state hasn’t filled up or to make a contribution. Nothing worth a damn in this life is free; it takes hard work and money to accomplish your goal.

    Many people are under the impression that the old cards that you may have signed are still good. This is not true. Due to the new contact the Teamsters/UPS have what is called contact bar for a period of three years. During this time we can get new cards signed. What we want to do is have enough cards signed during this three year period to call for an election at the end of it so that UPS/Teamsters can not pull the same thing on us that they did the last time.

    If you would like to get cards signed we will be glad to get the cards to you; all you need to do is ask. If getting these cards signed includes standing outside the gate; we ask that you do not do this unless you have at least three other people to stand with you. This is for your personal protection. There are some stupid people out there.

    We also have some of the old brochures for those new people that have not heard about the APWA. Basically everything in the old brochures still applies today. We want everything that we originally were seeking plus like always an honest union that will stand up for their people.

    There is much talk that Yellow/Roadway is teetering on bankruptcy. If this is the case Central States will go bankrupt much quicker that estimated. Central States will go bankrupt by year’s end anyway by many estimates. Remember, your pension is only guaranteed until age 65 or the life of the contract whichever comes first.

    We are standing on the threshold of greatness. We can make a difference. We can make history. We have come a long way; we see no reason to stop with a job half done. We can do this if this is what you want.
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  13. 705red

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    Sounds like Danny and Van are out of money again! Please everyone send them another $50 so these two scabs can still attempt to form their own union! LMFAO
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    They had a meeting here in 2006 I believe..I attented the meeting with a fellow coworker...they were taking questions from the audience I raised my hand and basically asked them about having job security if they did indeed ever succeed in ousting the Teamsters..Needless to say they didnt say anything about it :funny:
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    what is this i dont even guys this guy is a troll from the 4chan. he is a tard that used a meme in his subject line that gave him away dont feed him
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    Sorry! j/k, but I didn't understand that.
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    over5 here is a link its NSFW but it explains the "I'm 12 and what is this" 4chaners use there memes in a failed attempt to troll

    Moderator's note: Webpage contains offensive images.

    Deleted link. - Cheryl
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    OK bud, you kinda are making me mad. Who the hell are you to think you know who I am? Im from 4chan? Connected the dots, huh?

    the saying "im 12 and what is this" might be posted all over 4chan, however, I just like the phrase. Me liking the phrase has nothing to do with me being a troll. I work at UPS and find it insulting to being called a troll.

    And here is the 'I cant break these Cuffs' Video. AGAIN, I found it funny.

    So. Mr.thelus, im not a troll, and would appreciate you not calling me one, because all I am doing is quenching my thirst for knowledge about UPS, the company I work for.

    So, if you dont have anything to add to the conversation, please go post on 4chan, because apparently you like 4 chan, which btw I didnt know about up until maybe a week ago.


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    Thelus: Were you born KNOWING everything? Well, i was not, therefore I have to ask questions about things I need to know about. I'm somewhat new and the only way for me to get to understand things, aka 'HOW UPS WORKS', is by asking questions.

    If you dont understand that concept, then you should apply to become a PT Sup.
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    HURR DURR :ninja3: