are all terminals short of mechanics?

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    i dont know how many mechanics we have at my terminal (ups freight) but we have 23 forklifts total, 7 of them have problems that makes them unusable (some no lights, the rest the scales dont work...these are both required cuz we have to reweigh freight and you cant load trailers with no lights)

    anyways we have been writing them up for atleast 2 months, still wont get fixed, so when they brought in new guys, and the scale on my forklift quit workin, i had no backup forklift to use

    my superviser told me to get on one with no lights, so i could do my reweighs (they are obsessed with those precious reweighs, its for when companies claim a piece of freight weighs a certain amount and we reweigh it and scan it to make sure it doesnt way more then what they claimed)

    anyways, i drove with no lights for about 5 minutes, then i said **** this

    i parked it, went over and said "i cant drive with no lights, i cant see **** in these trailers especially the vans, im using one of the forklifts with a broken scale and if you have a problem with that either give me the equipment i need to do my job or talk to my union steward"

    he didnt say ****

    ups freight, atleast our terminal, is very poorly run
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    Our mechanic is short--about 5'4"--is that what you were asking?
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    ^thats funny, when i worked at pepsi right after high school, i swear we had this mechanic that was like 4'10

    weird old guy too
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    Get the one with the scale that works reweigh everything then put it in the trailer with the one with lights?
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    Load the stuff on the one with lights.. Lift that mess with the one with a scale. Load into trailer. Subtract weight of the one with lights. Wala - total weight