Are there any other Part-Time Workers that will be attending the Contract Action Team Trainings?


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I see that my Local is hosting a Contract Action Team Training where we will learn strategies for mobilizing our co-workers, find out how to map out our workplace, and build communications networks. I’m a PT worker in the warehouse and I was wondering if there are any benefits of attending the Trainings? Are there any other PT Workers on here that will be attending? If so, what are you expecting? I'm looking forward to your responses!

Grey MIll

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I'd say no because I'd guess most part timers have more than one job especially in a time like this where studio apartments are over 800 a month not including utilities, an a dozen of eggs costing 6 dollars a pack instead 2.50

Sacrificial Lamb

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I rather go one on one and explain to them the deal. I managed to get most of the members back when I was a load side to vote for the IBT election. Now pretty much I’ve spread and met most of the hub and they’ve been coming up to me in regards of contract negotiations. I’ve been pushing them hard to go attend the monthly local general meetings.