Are we the Mystery Babylon?

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  1. Since I started following in the past years about (real)economic data not MS data. To me it looks like a perfect storm. For example REAL unemployment, 40 million +++people on food-stamp, national debt with hundreds of trillion dollars in obligations (our economy produce 15 trillion per year), fake trillions of dollars US Treasury Bonds to support the dollar, private central bank. Quantitative easing forever. Fractional reserve banking system. Trade deficit is huge. Most manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas. World economies based on oil -} looming war in the middle east guaranteed collapse. I mean the writing is in the wall.

    War on terror came home:

    I am not religious (yet). But looked into the 911 attacks numerology it's fascinating and frightening at the same time. The relationship with the Vatican, DC and London is not a coincidence. US presidents from the same bloodline(we don't elect). Lucifer worshiping presidents and secret societies and their NWO. Just because it's Luciferian I don't really mind/care, but why presidents pretend to have Christian belief? While I do understand that US is/was more free than other countries and fought against Hitler, but what if something happens(because it will) and the rest of the Constitution will be flushed down. Create the problem, wait for reaction, represent the solution. And the system is set in. Dejavu, it was the same with Hitler, the difference he did his plan in years, not decades.
    Of course it can be an argument it will never happen and everything will be ok.
    Wake Up! - YouTube

    Facebook, Google, gps, smart cellphones, you can be found in any time, those Nazi scientists were helpful for our MK ultra project, MSM, drones up on the sky in the US for our security. LOL I also see that American institutions and Obama is gearing up against certain religious beliefs.
    Also can post tons of vids in the music industry about bashing the Bible with subliminal messages.
    And this post also will be stored in the NSA database...