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  1. TooTechie

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    Are you a jerk to cover drivers who cover your route? I'll explain...There are a few drivers in my center who refuse to answer any questions for drivers who cover their route and treat cover drivers crappy.

    I'm a full time permanent driver who doesn't have enough seniority for my own route so I'm cover at this point (not a TCD). I hadn't personally seen it until this week when I was assigned to cover a route for a guy who is going to be out for a month. I had heard the route is a little tricky and has a really goofed up trace from an on car sup so on friday morning before the PCM when we were all standing around I told him I was being trained on his route (by a sup who has only ridden along on the route once) and asked him if there was anything I should know. He replied,"'ll figure it out" and walked away. I've never had any interaction with him before so no clue what that was about.

    I help other cover guys out whenever I can giving them a heads up on things they'll need to know, screwed up addresses, a door/gate code, etc.

    Have you seen this guy...are you this guy...and do you know why some guys act like this?
  2. RonBurgandy??????????

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    Yes . Because you got jackass cover drivers who skip lunch and breaks ,run there ass off ,leave packages by mailboxes and then you are told that so and so in the blind runs it an hour and a half better than you.... Then the customer concerns start rolling in
  3. TooTechie

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    I guess I can see that. Kind of obnoxious though. I'm not a runner, take my lunches and don't generate followups so not sure if that's why that driver was a dick to me. One of our stewards with 35 years in is really particular about his route and specifically requests they have me cover his route everytime he goes on vacation because he knows I do it right.
  4. didyousheetit

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    I've been a driver over 25 years, if a cover guy or girl asks me what's new I always tell them and any codes that may have changed , unless of course the customer doesn't want any one but me to know it. I've never understood why some driver's act like that. That being said you had better empty your trash and fill up the tank and have no tracers.
  5. thessalonian13

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    I always help the drivers covering my route. I tell them everything they need to know to do my route the way my customers are used to and all the pitfalls (dogs etc). I even give them my cell # and I tell them to call me if they need help. I don't care if they burn my route up.
  6. FilingBluesFL

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    Some people in our center are asses, others are nice. *shrug*

    I assume it would be the same elsewhere, also!
  7. cynic

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    I've seen "this guy" in every industry I've worked. I am not "this guy". IMO, "this guy" is a very insecure person who doubts their worth and the only way they perceive their value is by watching others suffer and fail doing their job. They're pretty pathetic excuses for a human being, I avoid them like the plague, and return their "help" in kind. Don't waste your life or stomach cells on this fools. They'll die old and alone.
  8. Wally

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    I always leave info for the driver when I go on vacation. All I ask is that you don't leave trash.

    I can't understand the attitude. If a driver blew me off like that, guaranteed the route will have lots of send agains come Monday morning along with some other surprises. "Where's my handcart"?.. "You'll figure it out"!
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Some drivers just have a chip on their shoulders don't take it personally and remember not to turn into one of those drivers.
  10. Indecisi0n

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    I am a cover and if a driver wants to be a **** in an attempt to slow me down (not that I run but help me out) then ill just return the favor with a few NSN that he can gladly deliver the following day adding to his already full days work.

    I'm also writing up your truck so it gets pulled. Suckaaaaaaa.
  11. BrownArmy

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    I'm covering a route this week for a driver on vacation...

    It took me till today to clean up his mess from last week:

    So many send-agains that were clearly deliverable.

    Call-tags left hanging.

    CVS lady finds me while I'm delivering to Target and asks why ****** didn't pick up the over-70 RS package on Friday, like he said he would...

    Dude, I know you're going on vacation, but thanks for the shTT-storm you left me.

    (Had to get gas on Monday morning - really? - when he comes back I'll have his truck nice and clean and gassed up - that's how I roll).
  12. nicky

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    I know drivers like this, I am the opposite. When I started out some of the senior drivers kind of took me under their wing and showed me how to do the job. They showed me what I needed to do and what I needed to not do. So I in turn pass that along to new drivers. And helping out a guy that is covering a route is just common sense. Unless its one driver in our center that thinks hes Gods gift to driving.
  13. satellitedriver

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    Every driver that covers my satellite route has my cell phone number and my home phone number.
    They are always welcome to stop by and get a glass of Texas sweet tea while I help them setup the pkg car to deliver the rest of their day.
    I care for my customers and those drivers equally.
    In the long term, people treat you the way you treat them.
    :censored2:s get their A stretched out, in the fullness of time.

  14. midwestmess

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    there is only one guy that I don't care if he ever runs my route again, he had the nerve to use my water glass as a urinal and then put it back had I not noticed that it was not exactly where I had it I probably would have used it again, everybody else that covers are ok. Never worry about the runner and gunners because nobody ever bids my route the week before because its a heavy commercial POS route
  15. nicky

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    Yeah this is the other side of the A-Hole card, the covering driver can really make life tough upon your return if he/she so chooses. In the end treat people with respect and hopefully they will return the favor
  16. brownmonster

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    If they ask me, I'll offer some info. The covers don't usually ask, and I don't really care. They are not my customers, they are UPS customers. If they were mine they would get better service.
  17. Cementups

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    I will help out any cover driver I song as they really want my help. As soon as I see that you are going to disregard everything I tell you how to do it the best way, then piss on you, you're on your own. Some guys really appreciate the help while some guys just ask questions to waste oxygen. I encourage any driver to call me even when I am off if they need help or have any questions. Unless they know I am actually away somewhere with my family on vacation, then I apologize but you're going to have to figure it out on your own. I'm with my family and they come first.

    I've got one guy though who I told more than once that if he continues to spit his tobacco on the floor of my truck I WILL turn him in for it. It's gross and disgusting and I don't want it. I don't care that you do it but it's just as easy for you to turn your head to the left and spit out of the truck as it is to spit it on the floor.
  18. downtown

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    Been covering 10 years. I try to run each run like the bid driver, most guys respect that. Don't help me out then they better look out pay back is hell!!!
  19. jumpman23

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    Some drivers are cool and some are not. Just the way it is. Some guys are just selfish self centered individuals. You see it all the time. I think to myself like really dude, your a punk,dirtbag, loser or nerdball. Some centers have good cover drivers and some have bad. I always help the guys covering my route. I tell them if you need something or have questions about anything feel free to call. Kinda the same with my customers. People treat you with respect and you treat them the same in return. Be the true leader and set the example for the cover drivers. Some will respond in the right way and some wont. Kinda like a kid in school, you either want to learn and make yourself a better student or person or you don't. All depends on the leader he or she learns from and responds too.
  20. Buck Fifty

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    Any cover driver that needs info, I gladly help. Even if its not my route. Even if its a runner gunner. They all figure it out soon or later, its not about them. It's about the company. It's about the customer.( Especially my customers)

    Let a Supervisor ask, well screw the customer. Kidding !!!