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    In an effort to further reduce cost due to the job injuries and accidents the company will be requiring its employees to put on Google glasses. They will be monitored remotely and observed on whether they are applying the safety methods.





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    RELAX Just a joke..... this post is intended to bring laughter and stress release. Here some DO and Don't when in ten years this become reality

    the Ten commandment:

    • when you are at the delivery and a lady comes out with too deep, too high and too wide please look up, they don't want to see what you often see

    • if you go the bathroom please remember to TURN IT OFF, keep what is private, private
    • if you are driving and some intelligent driver cut you off and want to intelligently respond, please look the other way
    • if you happen to go to ATM to get some cash,ALWAYS remember to turn it off. you don't want to share you money with others, do you?
    • If you are walking and a lady with a nice dress crossed you Do NOT give her a second look, that would reveal your area of concentrations
    • at may turn it off because what is desirable to you may not be for others
    • is there somebody in your area that you are too comfortable with? please BE mindful of the glasses, because you don't want to share him/her with others
    • you like to read at lunch? hope is not inappropriate materials. You are not alone in the room
    • you received a message telling you to help someone next to you. work as being advised and DON'T express yourself because walls have eyes..... remember your eyes are their eyes you are speaking to their ears
    • the conclusion of this is this: you are a robot not a human anymore. you are being paid to follow direction and not to think, they are in control of you at all times

    enjoy..... peace
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    It's Google Glass, not Glasses :P

    The concept is neat in a non-work application to an extent but I don't trust Google as far as I can throw them with my privacy.
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