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    I watched "Titanic" last night and it got me thinking of this idea I had a couple of years ago about a huge ship.I'm not sure if I dreampt it or subconsiously stole it from somewhere...what do you guys think?
    She was a beautiful boat.The biggest ever built.
    2 complete18 hole golf courses,one indoors one on the deck.A baseball diamond,hockey rink,
    football field and basketball court.Her size was
    almost a mile long,and an 8th of a mile wide.
    She was christened " Arkadia "and her purpose
    was to be a roaming cruise ship that catered
    to everyone,the working man, the rich and famous,and the curious alike.
    There were only 3 ports that could facilitate
    an actual docking for the massive ship.It was
    decided early on that the ship would be an Atlantic only vessel at least for the first year.
    New York harbour,Liverpool England,and Cape Canaveral Florida were the only places to board
    unless of course you arrived by helicopter.

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    DS......... I'm calling your sup right now....... You obviously need more work.... You OBVIOUSLY have too much time on your hands.... I'm worried about you...... !