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  1. Packmule

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    I see where a driver was arrested as a peeping tom. Don't know whether this guy was really invading someones home for that purpose, or just trying to get a package out of sight on a back porch. Either way, let this be a warning to all. Your having a package for a home does NOT give you the right to do a home invasion while trying to meet the company's out of sight/weather requirements. This includes garages, back yards, sheds, unlocked cars, etc. The contract needs to be revised to state that we only have a ligitimate reason to be at the front door. If you know the people, fine, follow past practice and do as they ask. Otherwise, leave it on the front porch. Contract needs to state clearly that better driver release security is the homeowner's responsibility, not ours. Only they can provide the means and the authorization to use it.
    Just sayin...
  2. rod

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    Back when I delivered we were instructed to set the package inside if the door was unlocked (most of them were unlocked on my route). Apparently now days people will get all pissy and "sue" you if you do that. Or so I have been told.
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    Near as I can tell the TOS allows us just by using UPS to enter a cons property to DR pkgs( IE door to door service), and since safe DR according to 340method like back-door ETC methods means the center manager has to bail-out the driver from jail. :D . But then again afew drivers do make bad decisions however rare.

    And since were on GPS the proof of whether the driver went inside the home is kinda easy to get.
    So for all the times I said no to a cons for no inside del to a house, now you know why.
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    I will presume the driver's innocence until proven guilty.
  5. soberups

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    I surprised a lady one time who was doing laundry in the garage without a shirt on. She didnt hear the truck because she had earbuds in. What made it worse was the mounted deer and elk heads on the wall, indicating the presence of (a) a husband and (b) guns. As soon as I saw her, I set the pkg down and tried to turn and walk away before she saw me, but it was too late. She was startled, and screamed. I kept walking, got back to the truck, and got the hell out of there. I was glad for Telematics at that point because if she had tried to accuse me of being a peeping tom the report would have showed less than 60 seconds elapsed between when I parked and when I got going again.
    The next time I had a delivery there, she acted like nothing had happened and neither of us ever spoke of it. As a result of that experience, I almost never enter a garage unless the whole interior of the garage is visible and the package car is in plain sight of the house. And under NO circumstances will I ever open a gate and walk into a customers back yard unless they have specifically asked me to do so.
  6. anonymous6

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    sorry but that is not the ups way.
  7. scratch

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    The 26 year old woman claimed that she was in the shower and saw him inside the house watching her. I would never step inside of a house for any reason, even if the consignee answers the door and asked me to come in. If its a big heavy package, I will offer to set it on the inside, without me actually going over the threshold. If I decide to hide something at the back door on a porch, I do not look inside the door because of this very reason.
  8. Shifting Contents

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    I prefer opened garages as opposed to front doors. I also NEVER wave back to people that wave at me from inside. I don't want anyone even THINKING that it APPEARED that I was looking in their windows. Just act as though I never saw them.
  9. soberups

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    Im OK with stepping inside, as long as (a) the customer requests it and (b)the door stays open. Again, this is a situation where Telematics could actually vindicate a wrongfully accused driver.
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    I walk into peoples homes and leave their packages under the beds.
  11. rod

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    Finally someone with a sense of humor-------------too many posters are taking things way too serious lately. I enjoy a good pissing match every once in awhile but this election and Sandy seems to have everyone at each others throats.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Driver is gonna have a tough time getting out of this one. I heard he had a digital camera & the video is already on pornhub
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    Ummm, what's a "pornhub?":devil3:
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    Listen.......if you're going to something of questionable legality, do it after work wearing something other than browns.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Umm, the chat room on brown cafe??
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    Completely false. Fire up your smart phone, check Google Maps while you are at home. It might show you next door, in the backyard, a few streets over, hell, it might show you near the interstate exit.
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    the driver should claim he is gay if he wants to get off.
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    If he is gay he probably wouldn't get off. (Think about it)
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    This. Had a customer order a Sleep Number Bed. I roll up, and notice he is on the front porch, with the entry door help open. I hump the first of 4 heavy boxes up to the porch. "Down the hall, first bedroom on the left.". Umm, nope. Tell him I can't go inside. Was not pleased. More and more I see customers order bulk crap thinking we are movers, and not delivery guys. The same crap that no way would they go to a store, and lug home themselves.
  20. OptimusPrime

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    It goes by several names.


    I could go on.