Article 22.3 (WAD????)

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Induced, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Induced

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    I work in one of the full time preload buildings,I was pulling a F/T pick off for loading the browns, usually 5-6 cars, as of 3 months ago my pay rate was cut from top pay to art22 rate (which is what job class I was) but I was out there all night pulling the pick.

    By the way I have no idea what brought about the pay cut, all I can say is it happened with 1 week of notice.

    Now they have me and other art 22.3 pulling a pick for half the night at the lower pay rate, Either out there covering call-ins , or vacations. Then doing something different on the second half of the night. In my opinion we are being taken advantage of.

    UPS arguement is : Only 19 F/T preload jobs exist and those are the only ones that get paid top rate

    My arguement : If an air driver covers a ground delivery he/she gets top rate the entire day.

    Shouldnt this be the same for us art 22.3 on the F/T preload pick? or is it just a swift kick in the rear and Work As Directed.

    I look forward to suggestions or opinions
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    you are an article 22.3? What is your combo job description? I also work at a full-time preload building (one of 3 total!)

    If one of your halves is on preload, and the other let's say....sort... they can change the other half to whatever they want....which if it's preload again (2 preload halves), then it seems legitimate and WAD at the lower rate.

    That is my rough understanding, but still I wouldn't be surprised if you were entitled to the top driver rate even though payroll or whatever OMS that handles time cards is coding your two different jobs at the lower rate.

    I am a 22.3 inside./outside but management insists on keeping me inside all 8 hours by changing 4 of my hours. There's really nothing I can do about this, WAD and get screwed.

    I'm afraid it's the same for you, but let's hear some more details...
  3. Induced

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    yes , Im art 22.3 my job description is preload/spa. I thought by the preload part I would be sorting/unloading (hard) then spa (easy), which would justify my pay rate, not covering a F/T and top pay rate job then going to spa the 2nd half.

    thx for the reply and again look forward to seeing more
  4. New Englander

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    Combo jobs are just that, combo jobs. You do not get the higher pay rate for the entire shift unless you were for some reason required to shuttle or deliver ground.
  5. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    What did you think you were entitled to? 28.12 on part-time preload? :laughing:

    22.3 by general defintion are 2 part-time jobs put together.

    This is why inside/outside jobs pay PART-TIME wage for inside work and top rate 22.62 for outside.
  6. MR_Vengeance

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    is it true that the only way for a 22.3 to go back to full time driving is bidding on a route? i heard once a full time driver bid down to a 22.3 job, they won't allow to go back driving unless they can bid into an open route? another person said 22.3 can bid on the driving list for part timers and going back to driving that way??
  7. lesswork

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    It may depend on the center or district, but I have never heard of a 22.3 signing on the part-time list for 6 to 1 for example, so yeah the 22.3 could only bump someone from their driving bid.