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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by greenjasie, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. greenjasie

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    I have been an article 22 preload /air driver for 9 years. Due to cutbacks I have been forced to work the midnight /preload shifts monday thru thursday and then drive saturdays. I start monday night and finish friday mornings and then drive all day saturday. To me that's working six days. Is there anything in the contract pertaining to this?
  2. JonFrum

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    Anything about working a sixth day would be in your regional Supplement.

    When you say you start "Monday night", do you mean 12:01am Tuesday, or 12:01am Monday? In other words, have you already gotten your five days and forty hours before Saturday, so Saturday air driving is your sixth punch?
  3. greenjasie

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    I start at 11:00 pm on monday night. However I am asking to work monday morning preload and I was told that I can not work monday thru friday because my original bid was tuesday thru saturday. I was told that if I continue to argue that I am working six days then they will start me at 12:01 am on tuesday. What I want is to work monday thru friday.
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    Those cutbacks in 22.3 have a lot of grievances filed over them. Come to think of it, so do the EAM guys. I'm sure it'll be the end of summer before they need to put you I mean hear them.
  5. UnsurePost

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    Sounds like a weak case.

    I work Monday night through Saturday morning. By your premise, I should also be in for the 6 day theory. It doesn't work that way. You have 5 punches in a week.
  6. bubsdad

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    The problem is that your bid was tues thru sat. You still have to cover your sat work.
  7. greenjasie

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    I don't understand why everything goes back to my original bid. My hours are no longer what I bid. My job is no longer what I bid. The company has changed both to fit their needs. In the meantime I the one getting screwed!!!!!
  8. Red Dawn

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    if your working midnight and then eams..are you working 8 straight hours with no more than 1 hr lunch? if not are they still classifying you as combo, or laid off combo displacing two part timers. what region are you in?
  9. greenjasie

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    I am actually no longer doing EAM's. I work the midnight loading and then the preload as a DA clerk and I get a 40 minute break between shifts. I do this monday night thru friday morning and then drive all day saturday. I am in local 676 and to be honest I think my BA sucks!!
  10. Red Dawn

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    what days does you midnight shift work..can you work midnight preload m-f..if your on preload why night work friday and make sat a 6th report?