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  1. $killed Labor

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    Article 22.2 stats that if any inside/inside or inside/outside job comes open to be filled that part time can bid for it?

    The number of permanent full-time inside jobs in each Local Union area as of April 30, 1979, shall be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees.

    In our building we aren't allowed to bid on any openings for these types of jobs. We have been told (union) pretty much this is how it is and all centers put it up to full time only that can bid on them.
    I looked in the Atlantic supplement and didn't see anything that would say part time can't bid on it.
    Any clarification would be great full so I can pass the info along.
  2. silenze

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    We have had pt transfer to 22.2
    In our local you would have to put in for a classification transfer
  3. $killed Labor

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    So if a inside job that's full times comes open. A part timer has to put in a classification transfer? I'm confused why that would be when nothing int he article states about a transfer. It just says full-time shall been guaranteed replacement by a part time employee.
  4. bowhnterdon

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    The intent of the language was to prevent the Company from eliminating the only FT inside jobs we had as of 1979. These top pay jobs are few and far between...
  5. 542thruNthru

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    Have you read Article 48.3 of the Atlantic supp?
  6. MyTripisCut

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    I have not.
  7. BrownMonk

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    Are you already full time or part time?
  8. BigUnionGuy

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    My Local has less than 20 of the original 22.2 jobs, and they are not combo's.

    Pkg drivers are always looking at the bid sheets, for when they open up.

    In the Central (my state) it pays $1.69 less per hr.... than full-rate.
  9. bowhnterdon

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    The Atlantic pays the same as top rate Delivery Driver,unless you have FT car wash,then it is about 1.50 below Driver rate. We have 11 in our Local I believe
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  10. Jones

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    In the Atlantic open FT positions get bid within classification on the first round, building-wide FT (any classification) on the second round, and PT on the third round. So you will get a FT bid out of it, but it probably won't be the original 22.2 job unless no FT wanted it.
  11. $killed Labor

    $killed Labor Member

    OK that's how it's been done for us. Since we will have 4 positions coming open a lot of questions have been popping up about two 22.2 and two 22.3 that will be available.
    We just get the answer that's how it is and will be be and I couldn't find any clarification on why it states "shall be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees."
    So when a opening comes up it goes by classification first, all full time building then the 3rd goes to part time
  12. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    "shall be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees" means they cannot turn an existing full-time job into a couple of part-time jobs.
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  13. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    Pity, it's a good read about seniority and bidding.
  14. Mugarolla

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    It does not say shall be guaranteed replacement by part-time employees.

    Just like @Jones said...

    It says that the number of permanent full-time inside jobs in each Local Union area as of April 30, 1979, shall be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees.

    Meaning they cannot use a part-time employee, or 2 part-time employees, for those jobs.

    If no full-timer bids, then it may be open to part-timers, but you will then be classified as a full-timer, once you win the bid in that classification.
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  15. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    The last vestige of "days gone by"???

    ....with the notable exception of a very select few "old timers" in my Local that are "red circled" into a similar pay rate in their 22.3 jobs.
  16. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    Yes sir.

    Not much left of what used to be...
  17. Gman33909

    Gman33909 Member

    And there will be less 22.2.and 22.3 because 22.4 can be used to fill those slots
  18. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    And why is that?

    Maybe because all 3 jobs have something in common?

    I mean, they all begin with 22, right? So let's just use one 22 job to fill the slot of another 22 job.

    Sounds reasonable to me. Why not.