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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Diego, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Diego

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    My Grand Father passed this week and I have read the Article and still not sure.

    I have work here for 15 years and still do not understand this article.

    How many days do you guys get, here we only get 2 days. But, when I read the article I see 2 min and 4 days max. I took 2 days before the funeral and 1 day for the funeral and 1 day day afterwards. All days are working days no weekend days. Was told I get only 2 days paid?? They are working with me and giving scheduled days off.

    If you read it it says 2 days before funeral and 2 days after. But I am not sure. All feedback welcome.
    Also, travel time is not a issue only 60 miles approx.
  2. Cezanne

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    Considering your travel time is 60 miles, two days seens appropriate.
  3. Dark_Team_135

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    I have always considered this language to be one of the most poorly written parts of the entire contract. It really makes no sense as written. Here we get paid for up to 3 days between the day of death to the day of the funeral (don't ask me how that was decided) and if the funeral is out-of-state you can get an additional paid day for travel, for a total of four paid days. If you are on vacation or otherwise not working during the time these events occur, you get no days paid.

    If you read the first paragraph, it makes it sound like you get 2 paid days off between the day of death and the funeral, and 2 paid working days after the funeral. However, I take that to mean that you get 2 total compensated days off to be taken between the day of death and two days following the funeral, but who really knows? Perhaps they are not talking about paid days in that paragraph at all, but only "days off" without pay. Again, who knows?

    Then it goes on to say that time off shall not extend beyond the day of the funeral unless a travel days is needed except as provided above...Huh?!?! Then it says you can't exceed 4 total compensated work days which makes the first scenario I mentioned above most likely the correct one...except that isn't how it is done... They seriously need to clean up this language so that someone other than the people that negotiated it can understand it.
  4. cachsux

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    The paragraph discusses the "Paid" days off. It does not dictate the length of time allowed to be taken in total. Depending on the situation a person may need to take more time off to handle family matters. Obviously UPS should be notified of such need.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am sorry for your loss. 2 days is appropriate in this instance as you did not have to travel. When my Dad passed I took 3 days as the services were in Rhode Island.
  6. jimstud

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    you are entitled up to 4 paid days. when my grandmother passed in 93 i got paid for 4 and again when my mother passed this summer i took 5 days off and was payed for 4. sorry for your loss.
  7. Diego

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    Thanks for the info.