Article 37 in trouble...Renegotiations???

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownShark, Feb 29, 2008.

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    its only been 2 months and the new Article 37 language is in trouble. The OPT in / OPT out program isnt working like it was designed to work.

    "No kidding"

    Exactly what was said about this article in November / December on this blog is coming true. The company is in the midst of a struggle between the loons in the IE department and Operations.

    Seems one cannot agree with the other. Operations under a directive to reduce excessive overtime cannot find ways to do so as IE cuts cars from the road. These cuts, while massive are generating massive overtime increases and the threats of Triple Time penalties.

    Grievances now total over 200 for 9.5 violations in local 396 jurisdictions.

    Unable to control overtime, the centers are getting hit with grievances and requests for 9.5 committee review and triple time sanctions in record numbers.

    The real discovery here is that the Company has requested that the International Union re-negotiate this article and cut them some slack.

    I said before this article was passed by a vote that it was a mistake and poorly constructed.

    Now, the company wants to restructure the language to suit their needs and not the needs of those seeking to reduce excessive overtime.

    Let your agent know you do not want any part of this contract re-negotiated unless they are willing to re-negotiate the whole contract.

    Why fix or address only one article when there are plenty of articles in trouble.

    What about article 6 and the GPS language, we here have lost 9 drivers already for GPS related violations.

    If Hoffa agrees to create article 37 part deux, he'd better be prepared to re-do the whole thing.

    It was only inevitable that things like this would happen when a rush to approve a bad contract was the goal.

    Lets here from your necks of the woods.

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    I agree. The language will never work..Ups is stubborn. The only language will work is automatic double time for over 9.5 hours worked...NO grievance filed just double time for your hearthaches!

    AT least we will get paid for the abusive tactics!
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    I agree.
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    The whole point of the Opt in/out O/9.5 language was to encourage the company to get the excessive OT cut down. What the company has to do at this point is some house cleaning in the departments (IE/operations) that refuse to do what has to be done. I don't want to be paid double time, triple time. or even quadruple time for over 9.5. I don't want to work over 9.5 PERIOD!
    With the company trying to get the union to look into changing this shows that the company doesn't want to play by the rules, they want to change the rules.
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    I think Hoffa will do as he is told, and renegotiate the article.
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    What is truly amazing is the degree of service failures that the company IE loons are willing to create just to make "the numbers" so some other loon can read a report and believe that things are going well.

    Everyone knows that the "numbers" are a mere illusion of the daily operation.

    CEO, ***operation as his predecessor ***.

    In his video sent to the operators of the company, he asked that each of them increase the level of productivity of each center and maximise the profitability of the company.

    This is the idea of business, however, its where *** and the frontline operators part ways.

    The frontline operators and the IE department each fail to recognize each others existence and policy decisions are made that negatively affect the business.

    We have spoken about this before, saving a dime to lose a dollar.

    With the hundreds of packages that are being returned to the center each night at 930pm unserviced, the cost to the company is skyrocketing.

    The operators have chosen to "trick" the company out of seeing these failures by instructing the drivers to sheet all the unserviced packages as NR1, or Not Ready 1. This code is improper and its only use is for call tags or 1 time pickups that cannot be picked up.

    However, the use of this code allows the packages to escape the perview of the people in charge and therefore "hiding" the evidence.

    Every manager who instructs his supervisors to instruct his drivers to mis-code unserviced packages should be fired.

    Every manager who ends up with 100 grievances for excessive overtime should be disciplined for not adhering to the contract.

    Every IE loon should be replaced with experienced employees who fully understand the daily operation and all that goes with it.

    When an IE loon assigns 275 stops to a car that has 45 pickups averaging 700 pieces, that totals 320 total stops. Then, when that same car is unable to contain the pm pickups, then all hell breaks loose and several cars have to break off their routes (compromising those routes) and are re-dispatched off area to try and contain the pickups before the customers start lighting up the telephone with complaints.

    After this is done (6pm) all the trucks have to return to their assigned areas and complete the loop.

    This only gives 3 hours to complete typically 100 stops.

    This is simple math, yet the combined brain power of ***, IE DEPT and the Operators cant seem to figure it out.

    Its really too bad that the head honchos dont come to the front line and speak with us about the operation. Maybe then, some light could shed on the problems of operations and changes made.

    Until then, we are left with no option but to file grievances and fail delivery stops.:whiteflag:

    If the international agrees to changes that screw us in the end, then we need to do something about those in charge at the International.

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    Ya know, I don't work for UPS anymore but I couldn't sleep and decided to take a peek at BrownCafe to see what's changed. Apparently, nothing (at least with this issue). I really don't intend to sound callous but this post reminded me of a news article I read about a week ago from a certain mayor in the Southern United States. Like him, your demands are unrealistic. His demands amused me for a minute before I read through all of them. By the end, I thought he was just nuts. Integrity issues are integrity issues and I don't disagree they should be thrown out. You forget that these managers are people, too. They have to take orders from above and do NOT operate in a vacuum. My two cents....-Rocky

    JUSAJOB Guest

    If UPS wants to renegotiate article 37 we should renegotiate split raises and all the other crap we were screwed on!!!!!!
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    :surprised: Up on the coast we have been instructed to sheet all pkgs that are returned as "missed", no other code can be used, maybe in your bldg Brownshark they are trying to look good. Our manager is on the phone every morning explaining why we are bringing pkgs back ( rte's cut out, misloads, etc). As far as opt in/opt out, these guys who signed up are all being scrutinized with Gps, vitural rides, sparks etc to explain why they can't do there Rte in under 9.5.
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    Same here. A missed is a missed.
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    You mean that your center actually POSTED an opt in\opt out list?

    My center still refuses to and insists that we are still under the 9 1\2 hour provsions of 3 days a week-not daily.

    We are told that the Southern region has to decide that how they are going to handle the issue.

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    I hear you regarding working over 9.5. The Bottom line is the company can and will make most of the rules just like most of corporate

    Only we can is force or enfoce additional pay......Old horses don't change!
  13. dilligaf

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    Our OPT IN/OPT OUT list was posted the first week of Jan and every single driver, save 1, signed it. It was taken down one week later. ALL NM language went into effect the 1st of Jan. This is NM language, not regional.
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    This is rabble rousing at its best.

    My experience is new language tends to have a rough period of implementation as both sides work towards implementing the negotiaters vision. Much of your past contract language also went through heartache the best example probably being the half written combo language.

    so you post an innuendo that the company is trying to weasle out of the new language.

    Post a copy of a written request from the company to renegotiate article 37 or post a retraction.

    The rest of you folks need to learn to think for yourselves instead of subjecting yourself to these half baked posts.
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    Considering Hoffa and Company's track record on contract negotiations, we'd better hope it does not go back into renegotiation, unless of course you are prepared to give up your firstborn child...
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    Oh come on Tie, you know full well a driver would not access to a written request for renegotiation. I don't see how a retraction from Brownshark is called for, he didn't say it was fact but a discovery. If YOU have info to refute his claim, post that. "weasle" is your word not his. Interesting.
  17. tieguy

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    Sorry Pard. But he made the claim and he is not just a driver. If he as a driver does not have the info then he has nothing to say. If he has no proof that the company is asking to renegotiate the contract already then he has the obligation to post a retraction. It appears you became a victim of his rabble rousing:)

    You have no dog in this hunt unless you have a copy of this alleged request?
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    My dog in this hunt is that my center REFUSES to post a list that the Master requires them to do. I have personally filed weekly with my over 9 1/2 greivances that a list be posted. The answer (as I have previously posted) that the Southern region has to decide how to handle this.
    If this is simply "rabble rousing", why does UPS blatantly refuse to follow the contract? The matter is decided,why are they ducking?
  20. trplnkl

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