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With these already in our trucks and the plug and play availability, does anyone know what if any protections the Union has built in. Do The Stewards get to review any and all reports monthly. Or is that only reviewed at Panel?

Geotab Launches New GO8 LTE Telematics Device
Geotab’s Latest Solution Puts Robust Speed and Compatibility to the Forefront to Bring Fleet Connectivity to the Next Decade

Toronto, ON – September 14, 2017 - Geotab, a pioneer in smart transportation and telematics technology, today announced the launch of the new GO8Ⓡ LTE fleet management device. The Geotab GO8 is the newest device in Geotab’s line of award-winning telematics solutions with the addition of LTE. Like its predecessor, the GO8 offers advanced GPS technology, G-force monitoring, Geotab IOX™ expandability, engine and battery health assessments, and in-vehicle audible driver coaching.

The latest GO8 device is designed for fleet management applications and provides customers with the most sophisticated end-to-end fleet management solution on an industry leading platform – providing great productivity enhancements, safety features and cost-savings to fleet customers. The additional speed of data movement with LTE connectivity, empowers the Connected Vehicle value of Geotab, making the solution usable well into the next decade. LTE further enables the real-time secure transmission of data from the vehicle to the cloud, and back to the vehicle where in-vehicle driver coaching rules are enabled.

Geotab Launches New GO8 LTE Telematics Device - Geotab

Here Are Just A Few Plug And Play Options for The New Tech In Our Trucks.

Dual-Vision Video Camera
Fully Integrated Video Support of Geotab Exceptions

Rosco’s Dual-Vision XC4 is an advanced mobile video camera that helps reduce risk, improve safety and lower the costs of transportation and management of commercial fleets. Designed and manufactured specifically for the professional commercial fleet, Rosco cameras are tamper-resistant, continuously records as long as the vehicle is in operation, and has its own internal high-capacity memory, enabling the storage and retrieval of non-Exception videos for further analysis when required. The DVXC4 is a windshield based dual camera system with continuous HD video and Event/Exception recording, with the option of adding two or more auxiliary cameras.

The DVXC4 connects via cellular service with RoscoLive, a cloud storage feature that works with Geotab to provide videos of exceptions captured by the GO7 device. Since RoscoLive is fully integrated with Geotab, you can view and download the automatically sent snapshots and video clips of critical incidents and important exceptions directly to the RoscoLive Add-In within MyGeotab without the need to open a separate website or program. Exception video clips are retained by the Add-In and are available for viewing and download any time.

The RoscoLive Add-In can be accessed through MyGeotab, a great opportunity for video support of the powerful Geotab driver performance and incident recording features.

MOVON Driver Assistance System (MDAS)
Collision Avoidance System with DVR to record the moment

Reduce accident risk and prove the moment with recorded video clips.
MDAS is an advanced driver assistance system, designed to prevent accidents while drivers are driving. The Forward Collision Warning System alerts the driver using both audio and visual warnings when their vehicle is approaching to the vehicle ahead too quickly. The Time to Collision warning lets drivers know the time it will take to collide with the car in front of them. Both vehicle and non-vehicles can be detected, including pedestrians. The Lane Departure Warning System detects different types of lane markings and colors, giving the driver warnings when they unintentionally depart from the lane they are in.

MDAS also provides unique dashcam features. The embedded video recording function records everything so you can always understand what happened on the road.

Fleet managers can analyze driving behaviour through the information collected in reports and by creating rules and exceptions. MDAS is connected with the Geotab device via IOX-CAN.

Privacy Mode Add-In

Manually enable and disable Privacy Mode directly from the Geotab Drive app and the MyGeotab portal with a single click. Privacy Mode allows drivers and dispatchers to hide vehicle tracking in the fleet management application for designated periods of time. When Privacy Mode is enabled, location features that use GPS such as position, trips and speed profiles are not displayed in the application.

Driver Safety Scorecard Report


The Driver Safety Scorecard helps to see which drivers or vehicles need training with certain behaviors. It helps to be proactive in lessening the amount of accidents by seeing trends in risky behavior. The Driver Safety Scorecard Report focuses on three primary elements of unsafe driving: aggressive driving, seat belt usage, and speeding.

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