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    in article 57 it states when a bid job is consolidated discontinued or suspended the employee shall work as assigned. in the event a bid job is not restored after 15 work days the employee effected may elect to displace any employee on his her or any other classification.....and so forth. the question I have does a bid run that is just cut for 15 days because of volume enact this provision or was it created for different reasons. thanks.
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    Sorry, all I could think of was:
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    I am not familiar with the area let but I am not sure you are allowed to bump out of your classification. If a certain amount of your work moves (gets broken up) you are normally allowed to follow your work.

    If your a bid driver and your bid gets eliminated you cant go ahead and bump the guy below you (in my local). You would become a split driver until a new bid opens and you bid it.
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    Or this:
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  5. upschuck

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    I would say that it would be covered under the consolidated part.
  6. Heavy Package

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    Yes. Please refer to Article 57 for further details.