Articles pertaining to feeders, weather, and layoffs.

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    Can anyone point me to anything discussing this please. I have the southern agreement and national pulled up and not sure where it would be located. There are no table of contents with what I am using.
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    What are you specifically trying to find?
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    Go to the DOT website. I'm not sure what you're referring to with layoffs, but with weather and feeders, what it boils down to is if you are in inclement weather, and feel driving is becoming unsafe, the decision to drive or not to drive is yours and yours alone. It doesn't matter AT ALL if the trailer you are carrying will be late or miss a sort completely. It doesn't matter if you have a supervisor calling you telling you to drive. Yeah, it's an inconvenient for UPS. But if you're feeling pressured to drive and you know the roads are dicey, just remember, a wrecked trailer may not make the next two or three sorts.

    And if you do wreck in bad weather--even if management is putting pressure or threatening you--you are going to be the guilty one. You can say, "They were saying I HAD to make the sort!" until your vocal cords wear out. They will simply say to you--after the fact, of course--"If it wasn't safe, you should've pulled off."

    You can find documentation for all of this within the DOT website. There are plenty of cases where drivers were fired for refusing to drive a bad conditions and winning big lawsuits. The rules are clear on this. UPS is no different. Where I'm at, this isn't even discussed. Our sups know better than to pressure feeder drivers in bad weather.
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    This is the quickest thing I could find:

    But if you did into google, you can find a lot more. I think the TDU's website has pamphlets and booklets on this too.
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    Here, if our run is cut, weather or no weather we can take a lay off for the day, we don't get paid or anything but we don't have to work. Well we had bad weather, 90 drivers called in and management told us we either had to come in and run something else or be charged a sick day. So basically it boiled down to management wanting us to abide by contracts but they don't have to. We filed on it though, so we'll get our day back.
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    That practice should be addressed in your Local's Feeder work rules.