As an off the street casual do I have to be a runner gunner....

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  1. ManInBrown

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    For management to even consider down the road offering me a permanent position. Or can I just be safe and efficient and do the job the right way? I know the opportunity to be permanent if its even there is a long ways down the road but I want to know what I need to do going in. If I gotta be a runner gunner I will do what I have to do. Lol. But I would rather be efficient and safe.
  2. Jackburton

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    A spot open up in Upstate NY?
  3. sortaisle

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    Runner gun at your own risk though. If you get hurt it's a double whammy.
  4. Necropostophiliac

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    Many are trying out, but no one has won the mantel yet. :sad-little:
  5. DOK

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    What is a casual? Around here once u get your 30 days you're in. Just a matter of time then to get a fulltime position.
  6. UPSGUY72

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    As a casual you need to not get hurt and don't get into a accident... So another words it is in your best interest not to be a runner and a gunner. On the other hand if you don't have good numbers they not going to keep you, or hire you on as a FT driver if opportunity arises.
  7. ManInBrown

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    Pretty much sums it up. Good answer. Thanks
  8. UPSGUY72

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    A casual is a Temporary driver hired off the street to help cover vacations and peak. In the New England Area they can work from June 1- Dec 31. Then they get laid off...
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  9. TooTechie

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    They have to hire perm full time drivers off the inside part time employee list. I know guys who have been seasonally driving casual for 10 years and they will never be permanent because they dont want to work their way up inside part time first. The only way an outside hire casual can go perm full time is if there is no interest inside (driver list exhausted) or if management decides they want to hire like 6 inside drivers. They can hire outside for permanent driver but if they do they have to hire x inside people too. I think its 6 or 8 for every outside hire.

    If you want to roll the dice and can sustain the pace with no guarantee that they would hire all those inside guys to get you then go for it, but drive safely. If you safely accelerate to the speed limit quickly you don't need to speed and if you safely walk at a brisk pace and work with a sense of urgency then you don't need to run.
  10. DOK

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    Never would've imagined that that would be possible.
  11. cosmo1

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    Every area is different!

    Read your supplement.
  12. brownmonster

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    You can be fast and impress without being a runner/gunner.
  13. UPSGUY72

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    Bingo. It's amazing how many stops you can knock off being smooth and steady and having a plan....
  14. Gumby

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    Just keep your feet moving and your weiner in your pants! Do your job the right way and you will be fine trust me your Sup cant or doesn't want to do your job.
  15. iruhnman630

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    Around here we tend to call the off-the-street seasonals who try to 'earn' that one outside hire position unemployed. Most of them have had accidents.
  16. ManInBrown

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    10+ years safe driving at Express, working in the same area I will be working at Brown. One thing I know for sure is that if I don't make it, it won't be because of an accident.
  17. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    It's 1 in 6 for our supplement for inside/outside hires. There was a guy who was hired as a peak driver off the street. He wound up getting a fulltime spot in a small center like a year or two later. Definitely the exception and not the rule for our area. Most of our 1 in 6 are PT sups who have the good sense to get out of being in management. Good luck!
  18. Indecisi0n

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    It all comes down to area knowledge. Unfortunately management doesn't realize this by cutting/changing every route making most bid drivers split drivers and wondering why the numbers look like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
  19. Wally

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    Make sure you brag about how many clicks "under" you run on Joe's route, even though he runs "over" just about every day! The guys in the officer will love that.