As if Feeders wasn't dangerous enough....

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    That was horrific
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    not the first time......hope it will be the last time.
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    Be safe my brother.
    Know I understand that training we had last month about being aware of your surroundings and not to stop and help a distressed driver.Drive ahead and dial 911 from a safe location
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    wow. i used to go to the North Bay hub all the time.

    edit. right after the strike i was in that area one night when two guys in a camaro were waving at me to pull over. they would go in front and slow down and then go beside and try to force me over to the shoulder.

    i took an off-ramp and they followed so i turned around and went back onto 1-80 and kept going at 55 . this went on almost to fairfield ( about 25 minutes )

    then i saw the CHP behind me with lights flashing. first time i ever was happy to see them pulling me over.

    CHP said driver claimed i had hit him. i told the officer i was scared to pull over at night . 2 guys and one gal. CHP said i did the right thing .

    anyway there was no damage on my vehicle. slight scratch on 4 wheeler and the CHP officers couldn't match the scratch with my tractor . ( they said i clipped them with truck ) . the scratch was way below bumper/fender/ anywhere.

    so they let me go and said they would keep those guys there for a little bit. that incident started right near the Hill Top exit . a little scary at around 2 a.m.
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