Asian shippers.

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    I have a resi route and have 5 stops that ship to China. Today a new one started 277 pieces for 1 stop. Ended up with 488 total. Really my question is how does this work? Are they taking orders and just shipping them. I wonder how much they make doing this. I can never get them to ship with us.
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    This reads like a chinese fire drill. WTF are you talking about ?
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    Fraud possibly?
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    If they don't ship with us then how do you know when the pickup started and how much they ship?
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    I deliver to them every day. I have asked what they do with all the volume they get. At first I thought maybe they were just re selling on e bay or craigs list. But they ship it to china. I guess not to many of you have stops like this or you would know what I'm talking about.
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    Whatever they're shipping, I'd bet is was originally manufactured there. So, that's rather counterproductive on their part.
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    they do this because the goods they buy online are cheaper here and they buy a bunch of stuff ship it to the exporter who throws it all in a cargo container and charges the buyers of the goods by the weight
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    International gets audited by US customs duel use technology (civilian and military use )needs customs clearance. Some asian countries reverse engineer American technology. In a few years they claim to have developed stealth aircraft and attack UAV drones. Then the US public wonders how did they aquire that technology ? As for cheap exports from american to asia. Check out this website China Wholesale Suppliers & China Manufacturers | HKTDC.
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    Shipping TO china is very unusual in bulk from the US as we dont export much to them. Large shipments FROM China to residential addresses is almost always someone buying knock off counterfeit merchandise and reselling usually online. It is rare however for this to be shipped via ups due to the inspection requirements and it being cost prohibitive. The knock-off vendor's carrier of choice is EMS, a cheap mail service which is much more counterfeit friendly and cheap. EMS's final mile is USPS once it gets through customs.
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    Thought this was... "Asian Strippers". little disappointed
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    Asian massage parlor?
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    If you are describing what I think you are, here's what's going on: The person receiving the packages is acting as a forwarded. Chinese customers are buying items from US sources that don't offer international shipping (think eBay, Amazon). They do business with a service that offers a US address for receiving the packages, which then prepares them for shipment outbound to China, via whatever means is cheapest or desired. The customers in China are paying a premium for this service, but with many sellers not supporting international shipping directly, they have few other options. You are now starting to see some bigger firms get involved in this sort of thing.
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    Years ago I had a older woman in a single wide trailer out in the boonies receiving computers and printers every day. The next day she would ship them to Africa thru me. I notified my On-car who notified the local FBI Office, the next day I stopped there and the FBI was waiting. These electronics could not be shipped out of the USA.

    They told me she had no idea any thing was illegal. She received a check for the items, shipping and her pay. See was charged with some crime but they worked it out without any jail time.

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