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    This is a spinoff of UpstateNYUPSEr's post;
    Sometimes it seems that policies change with the direction of the wind. We have more than one center in our building and the policy changes from one end of the building to the other. I am wondering what answer you would get from your immediate supervisor or manager. Please ask them and post their reply here. I want to hear what came out of the horse's mouth. Please don't post your opinion or feelings, just what your boss says. I believe that sometimes a policy comes down from Atlanta and things get misinterpreted on the way down. I'm not saying that anybody is wrong. I'm just curious about what response you get. Thank you.
  2. dilligaf

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    Hey BB I asked my sup this morning during our one vision session. He said "do what the diad prompts you to do. If you scan the pre printed label and it does not promt you to get a signature then you are free to DR it. Even if it has a 'sticker' on it asking for a sig, if the diad does not prompt, DR it." Of course this is excluding business.
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    Do what is written on the package. How many of us have followed our sup's instructions and had his boss chew us out? If you get a complaint on a package that is clearly marked "signature required" you will get in trouble. Even though the barcode didn't require a signature. Even though your sup told you it was okay. If the customer yells loud enough, you'll be sitting in the office getting your butt chewed, no matter what your sup told you or what level of service the customer paid for.
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    Hey alaska I was responding to Bigs query. [Please ask them and post their reply here] That was their reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is a direct quote from my (former, retired with honor) center manager, during a PCM.
    If the Diad does not prompt you for a signature( none business), no matter what tag is on the pkg, it is a DR pkg.
    the DM was at his side when he said this.
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    Use your judgment.
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    I dont get paid to use my judgement!!!!!
    tell me what to do mr infinite wisdom?!
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    If you asked somone in corporate they would want the dollar in revenue.

    If you asked your sup they would want you to DR which takes less time and allows you to deliver more stops before 9.5.
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    The last time I asked, we were to DR unless directed by the diad to get a sig. But then the wind was out of the SW that day too.