Asking for opinions regarding UPS hiring protocals

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  1. Currently pre-load. Will go to driver training next week.

    Confusion comes from what is UPS going to do with me. I work at one center, but talking with HR, they MAY (they don't even know) be hiring me as a driver for another center. I do not want to work at this other center. The one I work at now is 20 minutes from home. This one they are hiring me for is 50 minutes away and it is said it a horrible center. I can refuse to be transferred correct? May not become a driver but that's fine.

    Further, as a newbie driver, I understand the 30 day qualification, 30 days to make book. Also as newbie, I will be laid off a lot according to work needs. Can I still work preload when they don't need me? Is there a job role in UPS that allows this? I have a day job as well that will work with me.

    Its kinda what I expect from UPS. Variables. I'm not really worried. Just confused. To get a full-time driving job and not be used, then all my possible working opportunities suffer because UPS has me in limbo is what I would like to avoid. Just looking out for myself trying to get more input and information if someone has seen or experienced a similar situation.
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    They can put you wherever they want. Your center could be "training" for other centers. I would keep bothering HR till you get a clear answer where you will be driving out of.

    Once qualified you can make up some hours mainly in twilight and some night sorts. You need 10 hrs rest before driving shift starts so preload is out.
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    ...did you intend to spell "lettuce" the way you did or was it an error?

    If you refuse, you won't be a least for another year or more. Once you go to driver classification, the only way you're going to pre-load is if you are D'qd from driving or you sign up for extra work. I don't know what your day job pays but if you stuck out the hard stuff now, you would reap some reward later.

    Are you wanting to drive or is it just the benefits you're looking for?
  4. Okay, thanks. That does help. Can weigh the options a bit more. If I refuse to transfer etc. cannot apply for a year, etc. But no more preload in any scenario. Can't say I will miss waking at 3 something.....

    Yes, I intentionally misspelled lettuce. Why? long night involving alcohol.

    I'm not really gung-ho about driving. Still to have a single job that will pay well without years of schooling.... that type of thing. I work two jobs and money is okay, but its the two jobs thing. I have winter off the other job, but right now I am looking at few months of sweating, always being tired and always being busy. So my idea is, If I can be a driver, I can sleep more, have some time and be paid more.
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    I don't think you will be laid off as much as you think. February and March maybe the first year or two. Maybe not. If you are going to be laid off for a week or more you can bump 2 PT jobs to get your 8 hours.