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    Yesterday I had a conversation with a customer who claims that he did not received a modem. At one point, he told me AT&T calls him for a replacement he answered "No". He said he did not want this DSL service. I assume one easy way to refuse this service is to say " not received ". Who steals it? Can not use anywhere! This happens twice on my route. People lie about something they don't like and we pay for it.
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    I don't know why anyone would steal these boxes. In these area, I have delivered Bellsouth/AT&T DSL modems to just about every house on my route. I use that service myself. They used to have a Return Service Label in the box, if you didn't want it, you just sent it back. I would think that every modem would have a different serial number and the internet service provider would require phone service to use it. Some people will steal anything they see, it is possible that these boxes were stolen DRs. One time I had a Driver Followup on a box I had driver released. It turned out the lady had ordered a nice, new Bible. I bet that thief was disappointed when he got home and opened the box.
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    We have to get sigs on all these now. What a pain. Seems they can be used, and not tracked. Sounds to me like UPS is their biggest buying customer. I think its more of the not wanting to pay than the someone stole it. I think we should charge att, for sigs, but then we would probaly lose them, which maybe wouldnt be such a bad thing. Except they are 2nd air, so we are getting primo for the 2 pd pkg.
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    I had a customer on my route that I delivered one to. I remembered leaving it at her door. Got a tracer on it a few weeks later. Since I also delivered to her place of business I asked her about it at her job the next day. She told me that she had gotten a package but it wasn't what she thought it was going to be. I was like "HUH?"

    When she told them she never received the package she meant she didn't get what she needed. The tracer was for 199.00!
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    Karma, gotta love it!
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    I have had that happen with cigarest, stop smoking aid. It was 200$. I retrieved it, once told her she had the right to refuse it. I think someone in the claims dept isnt asking the correct questions.
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    In my center we are supposed to get sig's for Verizon DSL modems but Security has not said anything Windstream DSL modems. The other thing that annoys me is the bad addresses that the phone companies use. I usually see at least 10-15 DSL boxes(both companies) in the look up pile every night. The clerk says it's job security for him!