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    hearing loss claims

    Any drivers ever file for and receive workmans compensation for hearing loss as a result of prolonged and excessive noise exposure?
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  2. Pkgrunner

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  3. drewed

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    i thought it was a standard thing to get your hearing tested at ups facilities...?
  4. JustTired

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    Never happened in my 25 years.

    I always thought that if OSHA used a db meter in the cabs of package cars, it would be well over the acceptable limit for prolonged exposure.

    Actually, my hearing has improved since retirement. Imagine that!
  5. trplnkl

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    I sure hope mine improves when I retire, I can't hear for crap now. I even tried hearing aids and found that they only amplified the noise in the truck. Thanks alot.

    I have never knownof anyone getting comp for hearing loss.
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    My hearing, according to my wife, hasn't gotten any better.
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    A driver in out center retired and then filed a WC claim two years after his last day worked. Don't know the results of it. I know, not much help.
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    I thought the DOT physicals included a hearing test. Mine did.

    Never heard of a claim for hearing loss but UPS could always say you never requested hearing protection. I know, I know, stupid while driving but we're talking UPS here. :happy-very: