Atlanta Local 728 Contract Proposal Meetings

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  1. scratch

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    Sorry for the late notice, I only saw the handout this morning.

    Tifton Hub
    Saturday August 11 at 10AM, at Local 728 Tractor Trailer at the Tifton Hub.

    Sunday August 12 at 2PM, IBEW Union hall, 1526 Dean Forest Rd.

    Saturday August 18 at 10AM, Local 728 hall, 2540 Lakewood Ave.

    The flyer said that proposals should be presented on the official contract proposal form that can be downloaded from Local 728 in the members only section or obtained from a business agent.
  2. BCFan

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    I'll be there. How about you?
  3. scratch

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    I will look for you BC, I have a proposal or two.
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  4. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back..... did the meeting go? What were the main proposals discussed?Its interesting what other parts of the country are concerned with..
  5. scratch

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    We probably had about 150 show up and the meeting lasted two and a half hours. We went through the contract article by article, everybody got to step up to the mic and read their proposals. A lot on excessive overtime, pensions, creating more full-time work, sub-contracting jobs, working conditions, and safety issues. Not a lot on raises like previous contract meetings.

    I stepped up to the mic and proposed that the Opt Out List language should be amended in that once an employee signs the List, he should be on it permanently and not have to re-sign every five months.