Atlantic Area Supplement changes

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by GameCockFan, May 18, 2013.

  1. GameCockFan

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    It just keeps getting worse. New language in the Atlantic Area Supplement.

    By mutual agreement between the parties, the Company may place four (4) ten (10) hour day routes for bid during the bidding process within the package car classification.

    That pretty much guts any new 9.5 protection. File a grievance and get put on 4/10's. Doesn't apply to me but still not good.

    Worse Language that does affect Feeders.

    The Company agrees to pay time and one half(1-1/2) for Saturday and double time (2) for Sunday work unless it is a normally scheduled work day.(same as before).

    New language:

    Employees called or assigned to cover for absent employees who are scheduled to work on Saturday or Sunday shall be considered as working on regular assigned shifts on a normally scheduled workday.

    No more double time on Sunday if a person was scheduled to work that day and you cover for them even if it's outside your normal schedule. Guess what I won't be working any more Sundays.
  2. onehandsolo

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    I would think the 4 10 routes will get 11.5 to 12 hour dispatches. I know this will save the company money. The center I work already cuts out 4 to 6 routes every Monday.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our start time is 9:30 (9 on Mondays). 10 hour dispatch plus lunch and break would put us at 2025. All of our feeders and the air shuttle are long gone by then. 4 x 10's for package car would not work in my center unless they were able to start us earlier, have us dump and go back out or set up meet points to get the pickups back.