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    I've worked part time many years for ups and full time for a major municipality, One of my full-time Job requirements is to plow snow on major roadways.My attendants has never been an issue before but we are having a bad winter, i'm getting called in more often this winter. I was told at my city job that it is excusable because I'm a civil servant and can get a written excuse from my city supervisor and has agreed to do so if I get written up. Is there anything in the contract that backs this up?
  2. You should get it in writing and let the sup know. Nothing in the contract, but if you are a civil servant and your state's laws allow for excusable absences for it, you should be fine.
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    I have never seen a law that allows a city employee to be legally excused from their second job because they have to work their main job.

    The contract only specifies military leave, not snow plowing leave. I am not being sarcastic, I do appreciate the job you guys do. Thankless hours and basically on call 24 hours a day. If not for people like you, UPS feeders would not make their destination during snow.

    The fact is, whatever reason you are not there, UPS is short handed for that day. In a small center, being short 1 person could be disastrous.

    Now that all the contractual and legal issues are covered, talk to your sup. If you have good attendance for the rest of the year, do your job decently, UPS should understand and not have too much of a problem.

    I mean, you are clearing the roads so that they can get to work.
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    Yeah some citys have that for their volunteer firefighters. They can leave the job to go fight fires
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    Civil servant or civil service such as jury duty? Perhaps there is some confusion over the subject.
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    He is a city employee. He is a civil servant because he works in the public sector for a government.
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    Civil servant, private sector job. No difference to UPS. Whether your plowing the streets or your a plumber, it is just another job that conflicts with your P/T job. If you have a good and understanding manager, your golden. If he's not understanding, your simply another attendance problem for him that will be dealt with by punishment up to and including discharge with very little the union can do about it. I know that sounds harsh but the facts sometimes hurt.
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    NO. There is no law or contract language that would protect you. Who ever told you that at your other job is Full of it... They just want you to show up there or work longer instead of going to work other your job at UPS.