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    everyone notice all the auditors on the unload belts lately? There making U.P.$. MORE money. But where does it go? hmm
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    What are you implying here? Got something to say? Well spit it out!

    As for making more money, UPS is actually getting what we were owed in the first place. A few years ago I got to meet someone who was very knowledgable on this subject and this person spent some time and explained to me that at this time (about 2 1/2 years ago), we estimate we're losing about a $1bil in revenue annually because of improper billing based on the fact that customers are not claiming the correct size and weight of packages. Most cases are very innocent, just mistakes, but some are not. Over the last several years I've seen both cases with the overwhelming majority being the innocent mistake types but I've seen some that were so obvious I could even see it. If your just asking a sincere question then I just misunderstood your tone but if you are implying something then I suggest for one you offer up the proof but then you need to go out and talk with these auditors and see what they are doing and if you've stumble onto some conspiracy theory, the knowledge of what the auditors are doing will put that to rest real fast. JMO.
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    therodog -- You should be happy to see more auditors. Those are the non-union jobs that will be converted to teamster positions by February.
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    maybe i should have thought this one out before sounding like an Someone in a thread said more money we would never see or something like that, cant remember..