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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by WyoBrown, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. WyoBrown

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    I gained seniority as a full time driver Mar 3. According to the new contract, after Aug 1st new drivers with seniority will make 17.25 vs 15.75. My question is: will the hourly rate automatically jump to 17.25 on Aug 1st or go up in increments?
  2. trplnkl

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    I hope I'm wrong but it looks to me that you will stay on the old contract progression. Maybe I missed something in my search.

    Article 41 Section 2 (c) of the prior Agreement shall remain in effect for all employees in that
    progression as of the date of the ratification and those who enter the progression between the date
    of ratification and August 1, 2008.
  3. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    You are not wrong - prior agreement remains in effect.
  4. New Englander

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    It's nice how we all have to honor the new contract prior to it's true date - yet some thing like that isn't.
  5. bellesotico

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    I think I understand what you mean..but maybe you could clarify in case I am misunderstanding here.

    The NMA was effective Jan 1 2008. Some of the financial language will be effective as of Aug. 1st. Maybe I'm missing something? Seriously..please let me know if I am. :)
  6. JonFrum

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    The NMA and all of its Supplements have been in full effect since Dec. 19, 2007. Anyone entering the full-time driver progression prior to August 1, 2008 continues under the "old progression" because that's what the new contract language says. The "new progression" is for those entering the progression after August 1, 2008. [See Article 41, Section 2 c.]
  7. WyoBrown

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    I find it strange that a new driver (ie post new contract) will be making more than another driver with more seniority when Aug 1st comes around.
  8. BrownPR215

    BrownPR215 What Can Brown Do To You!

    I said the same thing when we had our union meeting about the new contract proposal. I have been driving full time over a year now. Someone hired off the street after 8/1 who makes seniority (30 days) will make $17.25 vs my $16.80. I though that was BS! I know the new progression is 3 years vs 2 1/2 but during the life of their progression every step of the way a new hire will be making significantly more money.
  9. NedFlanders

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    thats a good point Brownpr215. too bad they dont care.

    so the old contract has a 1$ raise after a year? correct?
    thats weak
  10. The Brown Santa

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    Indeed. Great contract we ended up with. Makes you feel good about doing the same job for less money eh? I'm in the same boat. Only one year left of progression.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I was hired full-time right after peak. I was a qualified part-time cover driver prior to getting hired so right now I'm still at cover driver pay until bi-annual raises start. What I'm still trying to figure out is how long it takes to reach top rate. Is it the new 36 month (3 years) progression or the old 30 month progression? The wording of the contract confuses me sometimes. :)
  12. browniehound

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    Its seems like in each contract the newhires are getting longer progressions to trade for higher raises for more senior drivers. I think this is the way it should be. I know we all do the same job, but the more seasoned drivers should recieve a higher wage in my opinion.

    When I started driving, I was under a 2-year progression (I thought this was long so I feel for you guys under the 3 year term!), but our yearly raise was like $0.65 or $0.70 at the end of the contract.

    Then came the '02 contract with the 2.5 year progression. So what? We were getting $0.80, $0.95, and $1.00 raises towards the end of that deal and how could you complain about that???

    Now, the '08 contract has the "newbies" waiting 3 years before top rate and the "veterans" are not getting the significant raises we were recieving under the '02 contract.

    That being said, we will still be getting raises and our health and pension contributions are the same, so I can't complain. I am satisfied with what we got, especially in this economy.

    Also, the newhires might think they are getting the short end of the stick. I think they are not. UPS benefits because they don't have to pay top-rate for somebody who will not be as efficient as UPS would like or a driver with 5 years under his belt. Yet, this newhire (if he makes it) will go from making 15 bucks an hour to start to $33 an hour in less than 3 years.

    How can you argue against that? He will more than double his salary if he stays at UPS. This amazes me. Just think about it. Here is this guy getting buy on $15-$18 per hour. In three short years he will be making $33 per hour! Twice as much!

    Just think about how life got much easier for this guy? If he wasn't living above his means prior to top rate, he now has an extra 20-30 grand per year to make himself VERY comfortable!

    Newhires, take HEED of this post and be smart.
  13. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I am 97.289% positive that you have a 30 month progression.
  14. JonFrum

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    BrownPR215, it does seem strange that a New Hire would make more than you, but as I read the two progressions, it will only happen for a couple of months until you complete your second year. From then on you will be making more money. And a lot more once you hit two-and-a-half years and go to Top Rate.

    I'm not defending the progression language, but it should be noted that some existing part-timers will bypass the progression altogether and go directly to the Top Rate because they are highly paid and grandfathered. Others are moderately high-paid and will bypass the lower portions of the progression. Then there is the fact that most of you already in progression are part way towards your two-and-one-half year Top Rate to begin with, where as a New Hire is starting from scratch.

    It may well be a moot point in your building if no New Hires are infact hired immediately after August 1, 2008. As long as you have a sufficient head start, you will be making more that them.

    I do feel sorry for a hypothetical employee who enters the progression shortly before August 1, 2008 and finds a New Hire hired off the street shortly after August 1, 2008 is making more than him. I wonder how many people would actually be in this situation though. Very, very few I think. In any event, the more senior employee can take note that he retains his part-time seniority for some purposes at least, retains his benefits, and has a progression that tops out six months sooner than the New Hire.