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    Well August 1st has come and gone and still the "BRAINS" behind the supplement have yet to work out a 2nd offer to it's members. We are held in the dark with no info from the E/B! They are blaming everyone but themselves and even called this "The best supplement this local ever had!" I guess we need better than "THE BEST!"

    You have heard the voices of our members and still chose to ignore them, just read other posts to see what our members want and need. It is that simple!

    STOP WITH THE BROWN-OUT and tell the members what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    IBT has released a letter. They mentioned that the locals are working to improve the supplements. I suspect that the negotiations are not as simple as add this add that sign here.

    I too am anxious for this situation to be in my rear view monitor.
  3. cachsux

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    Which would you have? The hurry up "take it or leave it" piece of crap or the take the time to work it out piece of crap?
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    Where is my raise?!!!
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    If you attend the General Membership meetings, the most recent one held at the 456 building, you would know that our Union leaders have given several dates to UPS to sit down and talk. You would also know that not one local and suppliment that voted no has received any cooperation from UPS to re-negotiate. This is the company screwing you, not your Union!
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    Actually our supplement has been re-negotiated so to speak and they are sending out ballots on or around August 1 according to the flier we received. And that the ballots need to be back by August 22. This is for local 294
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    Exactly. You're going to get your money from the raise sometime. Who cares if it takes a year to get this thing fixed right. If you need a stinkin
    seventy cent raise to get bye you're an idiot.
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    The raise will be retro so its not a big deal.

    Local 804 hasn't sat down with the company yet and when I asked my BA he said "We have NO dates of talks yet." So this is where my information is coming from. I am not looking for a "Fast, piece of crap" but sit down and give us better crap than the crap it took you months to give us 2 months ago. You heard the members.... FIX IT!
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    The plan is just wait this out I'm sure. I mean what's ups incentive to move forward. We would have to vote no 2 more times before the chance of a strike even happening.

    At the rate this has all been moving we will get this straightened out about halfway thru this contract. At which point I think they should start negotiating the next contract to ensure it gets done in time.
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    Do the Teamsters really need to talk with 804? 804's E board couldn't negotiate an auto loan. Do the Teamsters need to sit down with UPS? Is it a secret what the whole supplement hijacking is about? Maybe, just maybe all the teamsters need to do is sit down with Teamcare. Maybe, just maybe, that has already happened. Maybe TDU's local 804 should focus on getting the 85 fired UPSers back to work. Maybe we will see a revote soon.
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    If I were UPS that's what I would do. The bad press has come and gone. Their health care costs will not increase. They can bank the retro money.
    Neither side has the balls for a strike. The IBT is like the GOP, hopelessly divided. Is anybody really unhappy making 45 bucks an hour overtime? The
    health care is more important than then raise.
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    Some live on a budget and don't make money like drivers that don't have to worry about money
  14. brown_trousers

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    I have a feeling that most people who voted no, dont want to change their supplement at all, they are just disgruntled about the NMA issues that are NOT part of their supplement.

    Its the same stuff we hate about our congress, holding legislation hostage for leverage againt other legislation. Its nothing but a steaming pile of dishonest behaviour
  15. superballs63

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    Anyone who voted FOR the master and AGAINST their supplements, is an idiot who clearly did not read the TA.
  16. Coldworld

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    stink what did 85 people get fired for....with how short ups is on people you would think they would be back to work...
  17. brown_trousers

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    There are issues in supplements that are completely different from the master. Why would someone be an idiot to vote that way.... or are you just trolling?
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    Our BA, along with some other guys I didn't recognize were handing out copies of the letter from hall a few days ago. From what I understand they're just trying to "educate" us on the new healthcare plan, and maybe send out another ballot with little to no changes. I'm curious what's happening at local 89 though...
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    Yeah buddy, I'm trolling. That seems to be the BC flavor of the week.

    The reasoning behind my statement, is that the majority of people who are thrilled that the supplements got voted down are calling for the renegotiating of the healthcare & pay rate part of the TA.

    The healthcare and wages are covered under the master, NOT the supplements. So, anybody who would have voted for the Master but not the supplement, to only turn around and complain about issues that are covered IN the master, qualify as idiots.
  20. I was told by a feeder that UPS will want to get it done ASAP so they don't have to pay their people for the extra work they're going to have to do to figure out all the retro stuff.

    Not sure how true that is, though.