August Raise

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  1. How does it work now that the current agreement has been extended?
  2. Whatever they agree to will be retroactively be paid back to august 1.
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    We won't receive the raise until the various supplements are worked out and the master contract ratified. For all hours worked after August 1st, we'll receive a retroactive check for all wages to which we are entitled after ratification.
  4. Kind of what I figured....
    Thanks for answering! :)
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    With our leadership in charge, no need to worry! Union dues will go up even though you now pay for health care.
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    on the issue of raises. i was hired on the preload shift in april of 2012. this puts my current pay at $11.00 an hour. will i be going to $11.50 on the new contract?
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    i believe it will be $11.70, bagels explained it in another thread that those of us still in progression with a seniorty date before August 1st get a double raise.
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    If you are currently at $11.00, you will be at $11.70 as of August 1st. (But you won't see it until all the supplements are settled and the National is ratified.)
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    will the next .70 come at my 2 year in april '14 or a year into the contract (aug '14)?
  10. UPS Preloader

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    April 2014 you will be bumped to the 2 year progression rate of $12.00. August 2014 you will get another $0.70.
  11. Inthegame

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    Dues are wage based, not benefit based. Dues will go up because wages will go up.
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    Which is why the union pushes harder for wage increases than benefit increases.
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    OK partner but that theory gets blown up by the $3.90 wage bump as compared to the $5.00 benefit bump. Further gets blown up by the additionnal year of progression, which lowers dues as wages are lower.
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    That's a good one. Game set match.
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    Your new name is Inthezone! Your on fire today. Love it!
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    Unless they promised the Teamsters that they will hire more drivers with the 4 year progression then they would with the status quo progression - that would equal more dues.
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    Good god. That check will be taxed like noother.
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    Right cause UPS often "promises" Teamsters more full time jobs. Has this been the case with the status quo current 3 year progression (dues are reduced in this scheme also)? Even when they're contractually obligated to fill FT jobs we need to fight for them, but you have "special" insight.
  20. Nimnim

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    I would agree with you, except for the fact if the IBT pushed for $5.00 raise the benefits would have taken a bigger hit than "UPS plan moved to Teamcare." The IBT may sometimes come across as stupid, but they know some increase to the dues is better than going big and getting a contract voted down. I can't say it would have been voted down if we had a $5 over 5 years raise schedule at a greater cost to benefits for those in the UPS plan, but it's a chance the IBT wasn't willing to take for sure.