Austin area centers?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by FuManIndy, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. FuManIndy

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    I know I just posted this question yesterday on another forum but I'd still like to know if there are any centers AROUND the Austin area.Preferably around Round Rock, Leander, Pfluegerville, georgetown, Hutto,Cedar Park,etc. Freakin' human resources won't tell me crap! I don't understand why either. Is it a matter of national security or something? Austin Texas that is
  2. drewed

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    Umm im sure there is, Austin is a reasonably large metro area....
  3. FuManIndy

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    ok well where exactly? thats what my question was supposed to mean. I should have asked where they were.
  4. rod

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    Ups locator site only lists one for Austin Tx. 9020 Tuscany Way. There is one listed for San Marcos Tx. - 26 miles from Austin. It lists a few more But they are 50 plus miles away from Austin
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    The Austin building is huge. It delivers everything North and West of town for quite a ways. Leander, Cedar Park (NW), Pflugerville (N)... all the way out to Dripping Springs I think. If you plan to live way out there on 183, you'll be in for a rough drive to work every day.

    There's Belton way up I-35 to the North. I don't know how far NW you'd have to go to get to the next UPS center.
  6. FuManIndy

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    I do plan on living possibly in Leander,Hutto or Pfluegerville. Ther's a new toll rd that hardly gets traffic so if I had to go to the hub it wouldn't be that bad.Now I just have to try and transfer.
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    Good Luck. seriously.