Authorized Return Service (ARS)

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    I'm curious how are ARS packages billed? I asked my supervisor and he didnt know. My complaint is I'm picking up ars packages from a large retailer who shoves as much as they can in a box close to 145 - 150 lbs. and slaps an ars label on it.
    When are these packages weighed and how do we know they are being charged the correct weight?
    Customers rip off UPS all the time and UPS turns the other way but let a driver get a soft drink at a delivery stop and you're stealing time! :censored2::censored2::censored2:?
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    I think ARS packages are weighed and billed at the final destination center, but I'm not sure.
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    I don`t know how they are billed but I always make sure the plg is under 70 lbs. If not, I ask them to split it up or I don`t take it.
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    UPS prices Authorized Return Service based on the customers shipping profile. Say it's a shoe company, and the returning boxes average 2 lbs, and the average zone is four. UPS gives the customer a flat price based on all returning packages. So even if a customer has a 150 lb box coming back, they pay the same rate as a 2 lb box. UPS periodically monitors the returning packages, and if the weights and zones change, UPS adjusts the rates.
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    Talk to your center manager or get an account rep, tell them what your seeing, I had an account with similar issues, they need to audit the pkgs for weight, then adjust the flat rate the company is giving the customer who is issuing the ARS labels.
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    I'm really :censored2: off now about the ARS situation because they receive 1-2 lb packages from this shipper and send everything back in a 150 lb ars pkg.
    I have a pretty good relationship with the package auditor because I'm always bringing call tag pickups with the weights being misrepresented to her.
    I probably could let it go but I can't and won't. I don't know why I'm the way I am but maybe it was something I did in the 70's! lol