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    On the earnings call this morning, did anyone else hear the comment about automating hubs? Specifically, they said that all "Tier 1 Hubs" would be automated within 5 years. Does that mean just sorting, like at CACH? Or does it include the load and unload? Just curious. This comment received absolutely no attention from the financial analysts on the call. The furthest they look ahead is the next quarter.
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    Financial analyst at UPS only worry about making money, not spending. #orion
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    Take a moment and consider that.

    Ok. How is that going to work? An army of C3PO's?
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    C3PO was a wise a**. The e-mails we've gotten has us getting the C4PO. It's like the C3PO, but we paid extra to not have them talk.
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    Damn shame R2D2 doesn't have arms.

    But then, who could put up with that squeaky voice for the whole shift?
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    He had a mouth on him too. At least it's all beeps though.

    I like storm troopers better. All the same. Do what they're told, bow down to the empire. They work with my ego much better.
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    True, but all bets are off if they turn on you.
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    What a bunch of nerds!!!
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    I'm not sure, but I think it takes a while before you become fully assimilated.

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    I already took the indoctrination. It was dark man. Dark...
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    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

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    Some of the workforce does resemble Chewbacca. Is that sexist to talk about some of our gals like that?

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    What exactly is a tier 1 hub?
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    Its not exactly 1200 peices per hour, but you part timers will pay for demanding $10.50/hr.!

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    Homeboy better get a hell of a lot faster and have the ability to lift packages Sasquatch would grunt at.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Got a long way to go. Because of how time sensitive our network is not only will a robot have to do the task but do it in a timely manner.